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Updated April 2019

Alvina Street -Late Black Bull Lane-, Walton, 1973

Anchor Cafe Aintree Village .

Arthur Street Liverpool 9. 16th April 1973

Ashdale Road Fazakerley, 1971
Ayr Road from Walton Village, 1967

Aintree Racecourse1928
Ayr Road, Walton Village, 1967

Broadbelt Street,Walton,from Stuart Road. 1967
Cedar Road, Liverpool, 9, 1977

Cottage Homes,  Fazakerley - 1894
Columbia Road, Walton Village, 1967

Evered Avenue Library

Hargreaves Camera Shop, Warbreck Moor, - 1979
Haggerston Road looking to Queens Drive,Walton.1962

Moss Lane,Orrell Park (no date)

Orrell Lane bridge, 1928.

Queens Arms, 240 Warbreck Moor. circa 1940s

Reo Cinema Longmoor Lane, interior shot

Reo Cinema, Longmoor Lane, Fazakerly

Walton library Rice lane 1929

Walton Vale - Rice Lane, 1953.

Windsor Castle Pub 1904

Windsor Road 1979

Aintree Racecourse1928

Aircrafts being transported at Queens Drive, Breeze Hill

Atlas cinema, Rice Lane -16-09-1958

Breeze Hill -9-in 1960
Breeze Hill (North side) looking towards
 Bootle from Lochinvar Street. 1966

Breeze Hill and Rice Lane, Walton.

Breeze Hill Junction with County Rd and Rice Lane

Buchanans Buildings Rice Lane from Northcote street in 1905

Devonfield road park on 11.06.15

Dunlops factory fronting onto Rice Lane
and in the distance, the Jewish cemetery - 1963
Florence Road looking from Breeze Lane, Walton, 1974
Heswall Road,  1935
Imrie Street, Breeze Hill, Walton, 1967

Grace Road from Walton Vale - June 73

Hartley Avenue, Aintree, 1977

Hartley Village - the jam factory off Long Lane Aintree L9

Hartleys jam factory, Hartleys village, Aintree.

Higher lane fazakerly
Hooton Road, Aintree on 8th June 1935

Kingfield rd near Devonfield rd 19-8-74
Lilford Avenue,Walton.1974

Lilford Avenue-runs between Chatsworth Ave and Moss Lane,

Lilford Avenue, Walton, 1974

Long Lane in 1930

Lower Lane air raid shelter in 1939

Millars garage Rice Lane in 1930

Queens Drive at Breeze Hill junction in 1952

Orrell Park bridge

Queens Drive at Breeze Hill junction in 1952

Queens Drive at Breeze hill

Queens Drive at Rice Lane 22.5.1908

Queens Drive at Rice Lane in 1909 with the baths now completed.

Rice Lane at Breeze Hill 1956

Rice Lane at Dunlops showing the old Zoo entrance.

Rice Lane showing the Plough pub and Atlas cinema in 1958

Roosevelt Drive - Aintree

Scweppes Aintree trading estate on 12.11.52

Southport road from Breeze Hill

Stalmine road 21.5.73

Standard Brands factory, Aintree Trading Estate 17.10.52

Stopgate Lane 1950

The Black Bull fork

The Pizzy at Aintree races

Vernons pools building which was to become
the Paradox nightclub.
Vernons Pools 1940
Walton Hall Park Gardens, Breeze Hill 1951

Walton Library, Rice Lane in 1929

Walton Park gates 1924

Walton Police station E division at 85-89 Rice Lane

Walton Prison 25-07-1949

Walton Prison, Hornby Road 21-05-73
Walton Prison (no date)

Walton Vale bridge widening at the Black Bull on 5-5-1933

Walton Vale bridge widening on  5.5.1933

Walton prison 1922

Walton prison in 1930

Warbreck Moor park - 18.4.39

Warbreck Moor

Breeze Hill in 1960
Longmoor Lane Fire Station in the winter of 1930

Fazakerley Hall estate shops in lJuly 1935

Liverpool 11

Beverbrook Road in 1930

Boot Estate construction

Boot Estate when new

Broad Lane 21.7.75

Broad Lane from New Hall Lane on 21.7.75

Broad Lane near Broadway on 21.7.75

Broad Lane north side near Broadway junction on 21.7.75

Broad Lane Nos 42-54 on 21.7.75

Broadway 4.3.60

Broadway 21.7.75

Broadway at Utting Avenue East on 9.8.39

Construction off Broad Lane

Coronation Court foundations in 1954

Coronation court

Coronation Court opening plaque

Coronation Court. One of Liverpool's first high rise blocks of flats.

Coronation court

Croxteth Comp in 1981
The opening of Croxteth Library

Lewisham road in 1930

Lowerhouse Lane roundabout and prefabs
from the roof of the newly erected Coronation Court high rise block. Taken on 06.05.57

Mace Road, Croxteth.

Muirhead Avenue East - 1930

Norris Green clinic in 1930

Norris Green Estate housing - 1930

Norris Green Estate housing when new in 1930

Norris Green school in 1929

Norris Green shops

Scarisbrick Road Norris Green on Coronation day 2.6.53

Stonebridge Lane 12.5.50

Stonebridge Lane 12.5.50

Stonebridge Lane 12.5.50

Stonebridge Lane heaped rubbish during the refuse strike of 1975

Stonebridge Lane  on 12.5.1950

Storrington Avenue and Stonebridge Lane - 1973

Storrington Avenue fire station

Strawberry road, Norris Green

The Norgreen Centurion Social Club

The Regal Cinema, Norris Green

The Regal on Broadway

Townsend Avenue prefabs - Late 1940s

Townsend Avenue under construction on 30.06.1928

Townsend Avenue

Townsend Avenue_

Trispen Road on the Croxteth Estate.

Winterburn heights demolition.

Robert F Edwards
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