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Updated May 2019


Central Avenue

Central Parade Speke. LRO with thanks to David Paul

Eastern Avenue 1954

Eastern Avenue LRO with thanks to David Paul

Edwards Lane - Sept 1946.

Ganworth Road, Speke 1953

Garreth rd in 1939

Hale Road, Speke. LRO and thanks to David Paul.

Kresta foundry and engineering,
 Speke Industrial estate on 3.11.52

Millwood, Greenway Road, Speke - 1954

New Speke housing estate

Rycot Road, Speke.

Speke Airport bus 1962

Speke Airport under on-going contraction in 1938

Speke Boulevard

Speke bus depot 1957

Speke bus garage construction on 18.4.56

Speke Bus garage.

Speke Comp - Central Avenue. LRO-David Paul

Speke Comp

Speke County Secondary upper - 1975

Speke new housing in 1938

Speke newbuilds

Speke newbuilds_

Speke Road bus station 26.1.81

Speke Road Gardens.

Speke Town Lane

Speke village cottages in 1938


St Christophers R.C.

Stapleton Avenue, Speke. Thanks to David Paul.

The Austin Rawlinson baths, Speke

The Crescent shopping centre, Speke.

Waterworths on Speke Crescent

Western Avenue at All Saints road

Western Avenue at Bray Road
Gateacre Comp
Gatacre Station Subway 1960s

Looking out to the rear of Aymestrey school on
Acrefield rd, Gateacre in 1962

Allerton road, Woolton

Aymestrey school, Acrefield rd, Gateacre in 1962
Ashton Drive, L25, 1936
Belle Vale CP - 1976

Belle Vale school.

Beresford Road Belle Vale 1953
Berrington Avenue at Cam Street, Woolton, 1971

Chapel Place Woolton showing the Weslyan methodish
chapel from which the street derives its name - 80.02.24
Camphill Road, Woolton, 1971

Childwall Hall Estate in 1920 showing
the keepers lodge and labourers.

Church road south

Church road Woolton showing its air raid shelters

Church road Woolton

Church road_

Gateacre Comp

Gateacre Drive construction in 1931

Gateacre Grange chapel in the 1920s

Gateacre Grange entrance hall in 1920

Gateacre village Wilson memorial fountain c1905

Hartsbourne Heights

The Elephant Hotel, Woolton

Hillfoot Hey boys high
Howard Fords Factory, 1934
former Bear Brand now the site of Tesco's Woolton.

Kings Drive Woolton as seen from the High street in 1937

Kings drive woolton

Lineside road Belle vale prefab estate in 1953

Lineside road Belle Vale prefabs 1953

Lineside Road prefabs Belle Vale and its playground - 20.4.54

Lower Lee special school on Beaconsfield rd.

Mackets Lane, Hunts cross in 1954 showing
the bad condition of the road.

Mackets Lane. LRO with thanks to David Paul.

Much Woolton CofE 1971
Much Woolton Urban District Fire Brigade 1910

Old Quarry - Woolton tip - 1927

Palmerston Special school - 1986

Pit Place 10-17 in Woolton in 1934

Quarry st Police station 1971
Quarry Street Woolton 6th September 1971

Quarry Street South, Woolton  6th September 1971

Rodick Street 16-20 and 1 Rodick Square - Woolton in 1934
Rodick Street, Woolton, 1971

Rose Brow 11.1.71

Rose Brow - 11.1.71
Rose street Woolton from Quarry Street 
6th September 1971
Rose Brow - Gateacre - 11.01.71

Rose Brow - Gateacre - 11.1.71

School lane woolton

Speke road Woolton

Strawberry Field Salvation Army Childrens home in Woolton in 1936.
A young John Lennon, living nearby would wander into these grounds to
play and he immortalised the name in a 1967 song of the Beatles.

The Mackets Lane-Higher Road junction, Hunts Cross.
With thanks to David Paul.
Tilling - Steven Bus at Woolton Village 1907

Woodend Avenue, Hunts Cross showing new street lighting
and the effect it has on a dry night. Taken 1951

Woolton baths on Allerton road, Woolton

Woolton cross

Woolton cross-

Woolton old chapel -08-02-24

Woolton old school.

Woolton Quarry from where sandstone was extracted
 for the building of the Anglican Cathedral.

Woolton School, Out Lane.
Woolton Hall
Woolton showing the stagecoach to Wavertree

Woolton Street in 1960

Woolton street-

Woolton St. Woolton 1905

Woolton street_

Woolton terminus 1937

Woolton Vale rd 1925

Woolton view

Woolton Village 1952

Woolton village cross

Woolton Village showing the 81D en route to Speke on 30th July 1957

Robert F Edwards
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