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Liverpool 2

Updated August 2019

A carter and his load leaving the East Hornby Dock

Albert Dock

Cable Street Liverpool 1905

An instrument dealer' shop window blown up by an
IRA bomb in Castle Street, 1939

Atherton Street and South John Street

Bachelor Street toward Tithebarn Street, 1966
Bachelor Street toward Tithebarn Street, 1966

Tithebarn Street 17th May 1923

A Captured German U-boat in Liverpool 1919.

The Original Watson Prickard Store

A foggy Pier Head in 1962
Birkenhead Ferries – luggage boat ‘Churton’ 1925

The Beatles on the Ferry at the Pier Head 1962

Pier Head 1973. Photograph Steve Graham

Royal Insurance Building, now the Aloft Hotel,
circa 1904

Royal Insurance Building 1904

The first Northern Hospital on Leeds Street

Unveiling of H.M. King Edward VII Statue Pier Head 1921

Pier Head November 1973 with a large section of
old landing stage removed
Brunswick Street - Fenwick Street , 13th june 1924

Corporation Ferry Boat 'Rose'

Landing Stage c1890
Liverpool landing stage 1900's

The Landing Stage and the Liver Building before
the clock face and liver birds were added.
The Princes Landing Stage, Pier Head, Liverpool
Princes Landing Stage circa 1900

A 1948 shot of a bus and the overhead railway
which was destined to be dismantled.
Overhead Railway circa 1956

A photograph of the Overhead Railway where it
crosses the foot of James Street taken in 1955
Dismantelling of the overhead railway 1957

An Early Birkenhead Ferry

An early photograph looking up Brunswick Street
towards the Bank Of England on Castle Street,
 the Bank opened in 1848.
A group of men outside the old Customs House 1890

An excellent view of the Customs House and the
Overhead Railway with the Albert dock
just in view bottom right.
Cavalry heading towards Princes Parade,
Pier Head, c 1890

Castle Street 1925, from John Harrison
Castle Street, decorated for the coronation of 
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1902

Castle Street 1948, from John Harrison

City Centre Blitz damage May 1941

Construction work on the Liver Building site

Constance Street off Gildart Street, 1967
The Mitre, Dale Street 1932
Dale Street and Crosshall Street junction 
6th August 1909
Empress of Canada 1969
Constance Street off Gildart Street, 1967 

Gildart Street 16th October 1967

Georges Dock 1901, prior to the construction
of the Liver Buildings.

Georges Dock at the Pier Head with our Lady
and St Nicholas which was built on the site
of St Mary Del Quay
Georges Dock basin 1872

Goree Piazzas 16th July 1913

Horse drawn Tram in front of Liverpool Parish Church

Liverpool Docks 1881
Liverpool floating roadway and landing stage, 1930's

Liverpool Overhead Railway 1958, Les Rogers

Liverpool Overhead Railway dismantling
1958, Les Rogers
Overhead Railway 1956

Lord Street following the May Blitz

Overhead Railway

Passengers on the Wallasey Ferry from Seacombe

Pier Head , Old Tower Buildings , c.1890's
Pier Head
Pier Head 1945

Pier Head 1945

Pier Head 1950.

Pier Head bus terminus demolition,
from John Harrison

Pier Head circa 1949.

Pier Head circa 1959.

Pier Head circa 1960s, photograph Johnny Lockhart.

Pier Head terminus demolition,from John Harrison.

Preesons-Row towards
James Street Station
Princes Dock  c1835 

Princes-Dock 1976

Princes Dock

Pump House Albert Dock 1969

Riverside Station and Princes Landing Stage
circa 1914
Daffodil Ferry at the Landing Stage 1906

Royal Iris in front of the ugly sisters
©John Harrison

SS St Hilary, Wallasey Ferry on the river
at the launch of HMS Ark Royal

Shops underneath the Overhead Railway pictured here on 20th September 1910.

St Georges Crescent 1900
St Georges Crescent,  29th September 1927

Steam train that ran under the overhead railway,

Strand Street, 1950s

Student 'Rag' Dale Street 1960

TS Indefatigable training ship, band practice on board.

Taken 10 years after the end of the second world war
the photograph of Derby Square shows just
how few buildings remained.
Derby Square 1938

Derby Square 1947
Derby Square

Water street 1895
Derby Square with St George's Church (left) toward
Castle Street circa 1890s

Taken from the SS Laurentic in 1913
as she set sail for Canada

Temporary Church built inside the blitzed remains
of Our Lady and St Nicholas in Chapel Street

Temporary church within St. Nicholas, this was built inside
the old shell using the old tower as the chancel 1950s LRO

The Albert Dock looking towards the
Customs House Building

The Allan line RMS Virginan at the landing stage
in June 1911

The Cunard iron barque SS Parthia built in 1870,
moored here at Queens Dock in 1884

The Customs House Viewed from South Castle Street
c 1910

The Goree Piazza with the White Star
Shipping Line Building on the right.

The Liver buildings shown on the left here
were completed in 1911.

The Overhead Railway

The Strand 1953

The Strand Hotel

The launch of the Mauretania II the third of the Cunard Line
ships to be built at Cammell Laird and launched on 28th July 1938,
by Lady Bates the wife of the Cunard White Star Lines, chairman.

The stadium Bixteth Street 1950

Training Ship HMS Conway in ther River in 1935

Transport Strike 1911 at Liverpool Docks, notice the men
standing on the overhead railway on the right.

Victoria Monument circa 1960s, photograph
©Johnny Lockhart

Viewing terrace on the old Pier Head bus terminus,
from John Harrison
Pier Head Bus Station and the
'Seven Seas' sculpture, 1968

A No. 5 ‘Green Goddess’ tram at the Pier Head.
Featured in a “Don’t waste bread” wartime setting,
the modern streamlined car 940 was introduced from 1936.
Painting by G.S.Cooper © Robert Irvine

A busy Seacombe Ferry

Albert Dock 1972

Albert Dock Restoration 1983

Albert Dock c.1980s © Mills Media

An early image of
James Street Station 

Bobbys at the Pier Head

Bottom of Lord Street and Derby Square

Canning Place early warehouses © by Frank Lenhan

Canning Place in 1958

Carinthia at the Pier Head 1967

Castle Street Early Postcard

Chavasse Park c.1980s © Mills Media

Coffee Cart at the Pier Head

Cotton Exchange Old Hall Street 1963

Customs House 1936

Customs House May Blitz of 1941

Customs House in 1951with the statue of William Huskisson
looking towards Canning Place

Dining Room in the Sailors Home

Dock Road l961

Early Pier Head photograph no date

Exchange flags
Exchange Station, courtesy of Jim Moyneux

Ferry 1986

Floating Roadway Pier Head

Georges Dock 1871

James Street 1941

Liver Building Clock Tower

Liver Buildings Construction

Liverpool Parish Church of St. Nicholas-
'The Sailor's Church'- 1985

Liverpool South Docks from Liver Building c 1955
Liverpool waterfront, 1910

Liverpool Tram Pier Head circa 1940s

Liverpools Last Tram.

Liverpool’s famous St Paul’s Eye Hospital,
in Old Hall Street,  in October, 1971,

Lusitania at the Landing Stage c. 1910

Mersey Ferry 'Woodchurch' and Cammell Laird's
Shipyard, Birkenhead 1986

Moorfields. Yates's Wine Lodge 1983

Newspaper seller opposite the
Bank of England 1986

Old Warehouses Nova Scotia Mann Island
Mann Island, early image
Mann Island, Street trader 

Overhead Railway and Ventilation Tower,
Pier Head, c.1950

Pier Head 1987 © David Humphreys

Pier Head Air Raid shelters-1948

Pier head Tram and Bus

Princes Dock and the Pier Head
Princes Dock, courtesy of Jim Moyneux

RMS Mauretania II just about to leave on her
maiden voyage to New York 17th June 1939.

RMS Olympic Liverpool

Riverside Station Pier Head 1951

Royal Iris © Colin Tittle

Royal Liver Building 1912

S.S. Celtic  (postcard) pictured at the landing stage in Liverpool.
This White Star liner was in regular service sailing from Liverpool.
the Celtic was launched on April 4, 1901

Sailors Home before the fire in 1860
Salt-house Dock 1957
HMS Eaglet in Salthouse Dock circa 1926

Salthouse dock with the Customs House in the background

Scandinavian Church, 1968.

Shown here are the Three Graces on the Liverpool waterfront
in 1920. They are the Royal Liver Building, completed in 1911
the Cunard Building, 1916 and the
Port of Liverpool Building, 1907

St James Market St James Market was in Great George's Place,
now Derby Square. It was demolished in 1899.

St Nicholas and Pier Head from the Landing Stage

St Pauls Eye Hospital Nurses_1971

St. Georges Crescent bottom of Lord Street 1927

St. Nicholas' Church and River Mersey
from Roof of Martins Bank

St. Nicholas' Place and Tower Buildings Demolition 1907
Tower Buildings 1846-1906,it was demolished to be
replaced by the current Tower Buildings.

Water Street in 1952

Stock Exchange, Exchange Street East 1976.

Stock Exchange, Exchange Street East 1976.

Temple Street early 80s
© Colin Title

The Albert Dock. Courtesy of John Quirk

The BRITANNIC alongside her berth in Liverpool Docks

The CARINTHIA at the landing stage Liverpool

The Empress of Canada seen here being towed to the quayside
on the River Mersey at the start of her maiden voyage.
27th April 1961 © Mirrorpix

The Flying Dutchman, 1965. Courtesy of
Liverpool Record Office.

The Flying Dutchman,Canning Place 1965.
Courtesy of Liverpool Record Office

The GEORGIC leaving Liverpool on
her maiden voyage to New York

The Goree Piazza 1929

The Pier Head circa 1960s

The Pier Head, 1961. Courtesy of Liverpool Record Office

The Royal Iris

The Strand Liverpool 2 1930

The Victoria Monument 1953 for the Queens Coronation.

The old Nova Scotia area at Mann Island
Street seller Mann Island, circa 1897.
Albion House under construction in the background.
Albion House and the original
pre-war James Street station

The royal daffodil on a very stormy Mersey

The sailors home following the fire which
gutted it on Sunday, 29th April 1860

The vast majority of the crew members of the Queen Mary
and the Queen Elizabeth were from Liverpool

Tithebarn St Exchange Hotel 1971
Tithebarn Street circa 1900s

Tower Buildings demolition 1907

Town Hall 1897
Town Hall circa 1900s

Town Hall 1953

Town Hall kings visit 1913

Tram heading towards the Pier Head from Water Street

Tunnel Exit work to allow building above
Mersey Tunnel

Unloading tinned meat from the USA at Liverpool Docks.

Unveiling of H.M. King Edward VII Statue Pier Head 1921

Upstairs,at the bus terminus Pier head © Colin Tittle

Victoria Monument - St 1950

Victoria St GPO 1907.

View of Liverpool from Tower of Municipal Buildings 1913

View of Liverpool Taken from Tower of Municipal Buildings

View of Lord St Castle St Area 1949

View towards the Victoria monument
and Castle Street 1930s

Wapping and the Overhead Railway

Water St from Liver Buildings 1919

Water St towards the Pier Head with the
original India Buildings (left) in 1901

Water Street 1965 © Steve Thoroghgood

Water Street Town Hall 1954

Early Days of the Albert Dock Restoration 1983

Early Ferry Boat on the Mersey

Georges Dock 1890
George's Dock
The Old Dock with Tower Building and St Nicholas
Church in the background

Georges dock 1908

Georges dock laying the foundations for
the Liver Building May 1901

Georges dock site for the Liver Building,
with Tower building (right) and Our Lady and
St Nicholas Parish Church (left) 1901

Goree Clearance Showing Cunard
and Liver Buildings 1949

Goree Piazzas 1913

Goree and Strand - from Brunswick St 1955

Greenbergs, 1968. Courtesy of Liverpool Record Office,

Guinness barrels in hold of Lady Grania in
Salthouse Dock, 1953.

Guinness barrels in hold of Lady Grania
in Salthouse Dock, 1953.

Gun carriage outside the Liver Building
(no date)

Horse tram Mann Island 1891

Isle of man ferry © Colin Tittle
Isle Of Mann Ferry, Mona's Queen 1950s

James Street from Mann Island

Jesse Hartleys Hydraulic Tower
Salisbury Dock 1985

Kardomah Van lads Liverpool

King Edward VII Monument, Pier Head,
from Cunard Building c1960s

Kiosk at the Pier Head, 1958. Courtesy of
Liverpool Record Office,

Kiosk Under the Overhead Railway at the Pier Head

Landing Stage - River Mersey

Landing Stage - the hospital ship Orange and
the White Star liner Mauretania

Landing Stage 1971

Landing Stage After Storm Feb 1976
Liverpool Overhead Railway

Landing stage

Landing Stage from a departing ship

Last Tramcar Procession - Pier Head 1957.

Lighthouse on River Wall of Mersey, Opposite New Brighton. 1880

Liver Building Clock,
second hand being installed

Liver Building construction, photograph
taken at the foot of the floating roadway

Liver Building prior to the installation
of the Liver Birds 1911

Liver Building with the Liver Birds being installed 1912

Liver and Tunnel Buildings - Goree 1949.

Liverpool Exchange Station 1965

Liverpool Landing Stage

Liverpool Pier Head (no date)

Liverpool Tram at the bottom of James Street

Liverpool Water Street re-colour by Bob Edwards

Liverpool Waterfront in 1760

Liverpool from Municipal Buildings Tower
showing the Old Haymarket pre Mersey Tunnel

Loading the post onto Aureol in Liverpool 1960

Looking from Water St along Fenwick St
with the original India Buildings
(right) in 1924
Fenwick St toward the Port of Liverpool building
Lord Street 1950,s

Lusitania in the Mersey River off Liverpool,

Mann Island and the Pool Offices

Mann Island, view South 28 March 1962

Mauretania in dry dock in Liverpool

Mersey Ferries Terminal 1958

Mersey Ferry coming into the Landing Stage © Colin Tittle

Mersey Railway James St Station...
Water St entrance 1944.

Mersey Railway Station - James Street 1948

Nautical Catering College, 1968.
Courtesy of Liverpool Record Office

Liverpool's second Nautical catering college on Canning Place
which stood between the then Moat House Hotel
and the Sailors Home.

New Landing Stage Aug 1974.

New Landing Stage Aug 1974

New Quay 1955

North John Street - Circa 1900

North John Street 1948
North John Street, 1988
© Keith Edkins - Geograph - 888477

Original church of Our Lady and St Nicholas

Overhead Railway 1957

Overhead Railway Carriage 1945

Overhead Railway Pier head 1910

Overhead Railway at James Street
James Street 1974
Overhead Railway c. 1800s

Overhead Railway carriage 1956

Overhead Railway crossing the bottom
of Water Street c1950s

Overhead Railway in front of the Royal Liver Building

Overhead Railway, waiting for a train at Princes Dock

Overhead Railway-1956

Overhead at Gladstone Dock

Overhead from Mann Island

Overhead railway station Pier Head. photo ''G E Baddeley'
Pier Head in 1967.

Paddle Steam Ferry at the Landing stage
Pier Head circa 1970s

Pier Head - Access Bridge to Landing Stage 1950

Pier Head 1901

Pier Head 1907 the Port of Liverpool Building is finished
but the Cunard and Liver Buildings are yet to be constructed

Pier Head 1907

Pier Head 1919,

Pier Head 1919

Pier Head 1921

Pier Head 1923

Pier Head 1970s

Pier Head 1973

Pier Head 1980s.

Pier Head Bus Statiion © Colin Tittle

Pier Head Flood January 1st 1956

Pier Head Heavy Traffic 1925

Pier Head Royal Liver June 1967

Pier Head St Nicholas Church Sep 1965

Pier Head Trams.
Pier Head, circa 1960s

Pier head September 1949

Pier Head and Landing Stage from Cunard Building 1949

Pier Head and Landing Stage from River 1950

Pier Head Overhead Railway station

Pier head 1980s © Colin Tittle

Pier head early 80s, © Colin Tittle

Pier head sep 1949, photo by J Voerman

Pier head showing the sheds adjacent to Riverside Station
just prior to their demolition. © Colin Tittle
Priestly Tram Car at the Pier Head circa 1942

Pilot cutter Edmund Gardner now in in one of the
Canning graving docks on the waterfront.
An old picture of the ship on the Mersey.

The Isle of Man steamer Ben-My-Chree at Liverpool
landing stage disgorging thousands of holiday-makers
returning from the TT races week in the island.

1914 A crowd stands on the quayside as the Cunard Liner
Aquitania leaves Liverpool on her maiden voyage
on the 30th May 1914

248 Belemy tram number 7 from Woolton turning from
Dale St into Castle St outside the Town Hall
helped by this policeman on its way to the Pier Head.

A steam-powered freight railway, serving the docks,
ran under the Overhead Railway for much of its length.

Advertising was used to attract
Tourists to the overhead

Aerial View showing Chapel Street

Aeriel View of the Pier Head 1923

Albert Dock 1984 © Colin Tittle

Albert Dock May 1984

Albert Dock block E in 1982, derelict and
silted up after dock gates left open.

Albert Dock c1970

Albert dock prior to restoration

Albion House former White Star Line Offices
(Source 1897 Architectural Review)

An Electric baggage car at Liverpool Exchange Station

Annie Garvey A maiden Lady who lived on the
Dock Estate for 80 years and in this hut since the
burning of the landing stage in 1874, and on the
estate before the landing stage was built at all.

Another hydraulic tower that long stood in Canada Dock.
It was tragically destroyed in an air raid in 1941.

Baby Grand tram 242 on route 44 on Dale St near to
the Castle Street junction (no date)

Baltic Fleet, 1968.

Baltic Fleet. Courtesy of Liverpool Record Office

Bank of england Castle Street 1930,s

Beatle City Seel Street
Bickerstaff Street and Jenkinson Street, Everton, 1969

Boarding the Aureol at Liverpool Pier Head 1960

Boodle and Dunthorne on the corner of Lord Street -
North John Street 1947

Brunswick St rear of India Buildings 1923

Building Pier Head Bus Station

Button Street and Rainford Square

Cable laying in North John Street
on 2nd March 1935

Cars Parked under the overhead railway at
Princes Dock Gates c.1950s

Castle Street 1953

Chapel St. junction with New Quay and Princes pub
on the opposite corner to St Nicholas Church 1925
Club ship landfall, seen here at the Collingwood Dock. 
on Regent Road 1970s
Dale st looking East

Dale Street

Dale st looking East

Exchange Flag underground car park
under construction on 21.6.56

Exchange flags underground car park under construction.
The Nelson memorial would act as an air vent
to this rarely seen underground world.

Exchange Station

Hackins Hey 1966

Hockenhall Alley 1933

James st station bomb damage in May 41

Liverpool G.P.O.in Victoria Street
now the Met Quarter

Lord st looking West - May 1941

Lord street 44-50 construction 1948

Lord street Christmas 1962

Lord street from the Holy Corner.
Liverpool Customs House’s Strand entrance portico, 
demolished in 1948
Lord street post war reconstruction 1955

Former Martins Bank building, 4 Water Street, Liverpool, c. 1960
Ma Boyles Oyster Bar in its original 
location on Old Hall Street

Martins bank building newly completed

Mathew st Cavern queue c1960

Mathew st Cavern Queue

Mathew st Cavern queue c1960
Mathew Street - Cavern

Mauretania at the Princes Landing Stage

May 1941 and the mangled overhead railway
near the bottom of James street

Moorfields - 1955

Moorfields Mellors pub

North John st 1948

North John Street 22-26 which is
Harrington Chambers on 26.4.48

North John Street Central building 1925 now
A Hard Days Night Hotel

North John Street Harrington st corner
on 26.4.48

North John street at Lord street 1948

North and South John street A 1908
the scene at Lord st cross roads.

North John street Dale street junction in 1942

North John street at Lord street 1948

North John street from Cook street 1966

North John street from Dale st 1966

North John street towards Dale st 1950

North John street towards Dale st on 22.7.59

Oriel Chambers in 1942

Overhead Railway from Georges Dock

Princes Dock and the overhead railway (no date)

Public Baths at the Pier Head

South Castle St 1970

St Nicholas Church, 1956

The Baltic Fleet and Porter Bros

The Iron Door, a Beatles venue in Temple Court

The Justice at 113-115 Dale st and 2 Hatton Garden

The Liverpool Tram at Tempest Hey in 1979.

Tithebarn st 24.9.73

Tithebarn st 24.9.73

Tithebarn st from Bixteth st - Dec 1950
 The Brunswick Vaults, (now The James Monro) 
Tithebarn Street

Tithebarn Street showing the Brunswick Arms 
(now The James Monro) and The Rising Sun on 17th May 1923

Tithebarn st showing Ma Dalys pet shop
and the United Powers pub.

Tithebarn street coal tipping at MacFies
sugar refinery on 3.5.1918

Tithebarn street with sheep on the way
to market or slaughter 1915

Towards Castle Street and Town Hall from
South Castle Street 1970

Towards Dale st and old Haymarket from
William Brown street in 1952

Tower Buildings 1846-1906,it was demolished to
be replaced by the current Tower Buildings.
Tower Building under construction, 1908

Trueman st 1950

Trueman st 1966

Vernon st in 1930

Vernon st No5 court

Victoria Street underground toilets

Victoria st 1936

Victoria Street the rush hour tunnel queue

Views of Liverpool, 13th May 1954.

Water st in Sept 1939 with sandbags around the
Town Hall after war was declared.

Water st outside Cunard buildings

Water street 1920s image

Water street 1920s image

Water street 1966

Water street early view
Waterfront July 1988

Whitechapel Church St Lord St

Yates Wine Lodge in Cross Keys House

A Dufaycolor colour transparency of the entrance to the
Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, taken by an unknown
photographer in about 1945.

Albert Dock c1980s

Albert Dock © National Trust Herdman

Albert Dock

Ariel view of the old Customs House

Baggage Hall at the Princess Dock

Benns gardens

Bomb damage to the rear of Oriel chambers in 1942

Bridge to Landing stage Pier head

Brunswick st 1902

Brunswick Street from Castle Street 1923

Brunswick Street looking up towards Castle Street in 1923

Brunswick Street at the Pier Head

c.1945 Victoria Monument showing
blitz damage to the surrounding area

Castle st in 1953

Castle Street (no date)

Castle Street circa 1908

Castle Street from South Castle Street

Castle Street looking towards the
dome of the Liverpool Customs House

Castle Street, postcard

Castle Street.

Chapel Street

Cook st arcade - used as an emergency reservoir

Cook street arcade blitzed

Coronation Gardens - Paradise Street 1953

Crosville Bus at the Pier Head

Crowds outside Top Hat in Dale Street

Customs House 1919

Dale st looking East (no Date)

Dale Street circa 1940

Dale Streetat Castle Street (no date)

Derby Square 1938

Derby Square toilets interior

Derby Square toilets

Docks and Customs House

Drury buildings Water st in 1930

Early Dale St

Exchange Station
Exchange Station Tithebarn Street 

Floating Road Pier Head

Frankie Vaughan at Top Hat Record Bar Dale St

Fruit and Veg sellers Pier Head

Georges Dock Strand Goree

Inside the White Star Line building James Street, now the Titanic Hotel.

James Street Station 1886
St George's Church from Fenwick Street

James street looking up towards St George's Church later
demolished and replaced by the Victoria Monument

James Street station, post war

James Street

Landing Stage at the Pier Head

Landing Stage probably circa 1960

Landing Stage shows the Liver Buildings
minus the Liver Birds

Landing Stage

Liver Building and the Port of Liverpool Building
stand alone prior to the Cunard Building.

Liver Building Clock Tower

Liver Buildings under Construction

Liver Buildings under Construction

Liverpool - Victoria monument towards James street
with Preesons Row in the background,circa 1906

Liverpool Docks

Liverpool Ferry in the Fog

Liverpool Lord Street circa 1900

Liverpool Pier Head 1920

Liverpool Pier Head 1944

Liverpool Riverside Station

Liverpool Tram Pier Head circa 1940s

Looking from Water St  towards George's Dock Gates

Mann Island

Mann-Island and Albion House

Men at work on a Liver Bird, however it is too small to be the
Liver buildings bird, no date or location given.

Mersey Mission To Seamen

Mersey Tunnel Dock Road Entrance with the
overhead Railway in the foreground

New Quay warehouses

Newspaper seller Dale St

North John St Lord St

Nova Scotia Mann Island Liverpool

Old Hall Street

Old Liverpool - Tower Building 1906

Overhead Railway 1941 bomb damage

Overhead Railway at James Street

Overhead Railway

Part of the Albert Dock - Now the Tate Gallery

Pier Head (no date)

Pier Head 1980s

Pier Head 1903

Pier Head bus station and the Atlantic Tower Hotel alongside St Nicks

Pier Head bus terminus

Pump House Albert Dock 1969

Royal Liver Building clock hand 

Royal Liver Buildings Clock face

Reina Del Mar at the landing stage in 1956

St Nicholas and the old Tower Building 1906

Stevedores, Albert Dock 1945 © National Trust - E C Hardman

Tower Building

Town Hall Liverpool The Kings Royal visit 1923

Transport Strike 1911 at Liverpool Docks

Victoria Monument Town hall 1862

Victoria Street 1936

Victoria-Street FA Cup 1965

Waiting for singer, Michael Torok outside Top Hat Dale St

What remained in Castle st at Cook st after the May 3rd 1941 air raid

White Star Line Albion House

Wizards Den Moorfields

The Iron Door, a Beatles venue in Temple Court

The Justice at 113-115 Dale st and 2 Hatton Garden
was on the opposite corner to the Magistrates Court

The Liverpool Tram at Tempest Hey in 1979.

This is  Government  building to the rear of the
Municipal building fronting onto Victoria st. Considered so
badly damaged after trhe blitz it was demolished and
has remained as a car park ever since

Tithebarn st 24.9.73

Sheep being driven along Tithebarn st in 1915

Tithebarn st from Bixteth st - Dec 1950

Tithebarn st showing Ma Dalys pet shop and the United Powers pub.

Tithebarn street coal tipping at MacFies sugar refinery on 3.5.1918

Towards Dale st and old Haymarket from William Brown street in 1952

Tower Buildings 1846-1906 when it was
demolished to be replaced by the current Tower Buildings.

Trueman st 1950

Trueman st 1966

Vernon st in 1930

Vernon st No5 court

Victoria st 1936

Victoria st 1936_

Victoria st tunnel rush c1970s

Victoria Street underground toilets

Water st in Sept 39 with sandbags around the
Town Hall after war was declared.
Water Street 1965

Water st outside Cunard buildings

Water street 1966

Water street in the 1920s

Water street

Liverpool 3

Anson Street at Anson Place, 1967

Anson Street toward Pembroke Place from Riding Street, 1969

Rushworth and Dreaper - piano shop, Islington 
with the County Sessions House just in view.
2 Islington Place Gianelli's c.1977 © Glynne Gianelli.

Byrom Street 1965

Byrom Street,2nd June 1927
5-13 Rose Vale taken on 17.3.1955
99-105 Rose Place
Beau Court, Cazneau St. 1927
© E Chambre Hardman NT
Bixteth street Stadium, built on the
site of St Pauls Square.
Blessing the new roman catholic cathedral
at the opening in 1967 © Joe Neary
Bond Street off Limekiln Lane c.1960s
Brownlow Hill  Workhouse
Brownlow Hill, with Elizabeth Street on the left

Brownlow Hill and Popes visit l 30th May 1982
©Eddie Murray
Brownlow hill and St. Andrews Gardens Popes visit
30th May 1982 ©Eddie Murray 2
Brownlow hill and St. Andrews Gardens Popes visit 3
0th May 1982 ©Eddie Murray,
Brownlow hill and St. Andrews Gardens Popes visit 3
0th May 1982 ©Eddie Murray,
Bunting in St Andrews Gardens
Burlington Street
Byrom Hall opposite Great Crosshall Street.
The polytechnic was built behind it in 1957-58
Byrom Street 1965
Byrom Street c.1960s
Byrom Street, corner of Cuerden st 1931
Byrom Terrace off Byrom St 1933
Camden st on 19 April 1961

Cartwright Place of Byrom Street cira 1933
Canterbury Street

Cazaneau Street Market

Chisenhale Street, The Bridge PH,  1968
Children outside a shop in Richmond Row 1895
Christian Street Library inside, 1928
Christian Street Library
Clayton street behind William brown Street

Colliers London Road
Commutation Row

Commutation Row circa 1990s

Cockspur Street from Vauxhall Road, 1966
Dickson Terrace, Soho Street c.1930's
Dixie Deans bar London Road
Downe Street near the bottom of Richmond Row
Eldon Grove 1969
Eldon Grove
Eldon Street

Field Street, Liverpool 3

Fontenoy Street - 1901
 Fontenoy Street at Harrison Street on 14.11.66.

Fontenoy street old book shop 1932
Fontenoy Gardens and the Shops
Fontenoy Gardens

 Fontenoy Gardens Byrom Street

Fontenoy Gardens.demolition from Byrom Street

Fontenoy Gardens
Freeman Lloyd Sugar Mill Limekiln Lane
Garibaldi Terrace
Gerard Gardens Demolition c.1987 © Jim Diamond
Gerard Gardens © Inacityliving
Gerard Gardens
Gerard Street 1927
Gerard Street area 1895
Gianelli's Chippy 2 Islington Place
© Glynne Gianelli,
Gianelli's Chippy 2 Islington Place
© Glynne Gianelli,
Great Crosshall st at Hatton Garden junction on 21st Dec 1935
Great Howard street 1968
Hatton Garden 1967
Hunter Street 1983
Islington Moss Street, Ooops wrong way !
Islington Place towards Gerard Gardens
© Glynne Gianelli
Islington Place

Sessions House toward Islington
Islington between Mill Lane and Christian Street
decorated for the coronation of
Edward VII in June 1902

Islington From Fraser Street

Kempston Street
Langsdale Street and SFX
Lionel street.
Liverpool Stadium
Living Room St Martins Cottages

Barclays Bank, 104 London Road
London Road (no date)
London Road Commutation Row laying tram tracks,
 Legs of Man pub in the background c. 1900
London Road Drinking Fountain 1947
London Road Nos 119 121 c. 1900
London Road c.1960s
Looking for shoes in Paddys Market Cazneau Street
Looking from Scotland Road towards Byrom Street 1971
Looking up Mill Lane on 6.6.58 Photo from Ged Fagan
Metropolitan Cathedral
Mill Lane, a Mill stood at the top end when William Brown st
was called Shaws Brow. There were also Potteries here and
 Philip Christian from where Christian St
gets it name was a potter here. Photo Ged Fagan
New flats in Vestock St of Blenhiem St
Norton Street 1950
One of the Four Squares
Outside Walker Art Gallery , William Brown Street
Paddys Market 1966

Queensway tunnel 1953
Round Counter Scotland Place
Salisbury Street and William Henry Street
Scotland Road at Hornby Street and Tenterton st
Scotland Road c.1950
Shoppers in London Road on 24th May 1913
Silvester street , 1934
Sir Thomas White Gardens.
St Anne street at Islington 1966

Steble Fountain looking towards Islington 1901

Steble fountain 1956
St Martin Street taken from Limekiln Lane 1970.
Tate and Lyle demolition from Burlington Street
looking along Vauxhall Road
Tenement in Bevington Street
The Bullring
The Old Cloth Market on Fox Street in 1905,
St Mary of the Angels was built here in 1910
The Royal Hospital looking towards the City centre

16 Soho St 19 November 1962
The Soho Arms
The Steble Fountain, pictured here in the 1890s,
The majestic Daulby Street
Byrom Street
Vauxhall Gardens
Vauxhall Road 1986
Warwick Sprinkler William Brown Street 1906
William Brown Street 1948
William Brown Street Air Raid Shelters 1945
Women Street Cleaners at the bottom of
Hunter Street March 21st 1916
Woodstock Gradens

39-45 Salisbury st at Langsdale st on 28.5.54

43-53 Brownlow Hill in 1977

72 Bond street at No 28 Court.

Alexander Pope st in 1966

Alexander Pope Street in 1958

Alexander Pope street in 1966

Arden St from Bevington Bush on 29.3.70 showing
the connecting bridge belonging to
Arden House salvation army hostel.

Back Burlington Street at Bevington Hill on 27.1.67

Back Clare st in 1952

Barton St showing Bibbys.

Barton St showing Bibbys.
Birkenhead Ferries – luggage boat ‘Churton’ 1925

Birkett street - Christian st to St Anne street stretch in 1966

Birkett street top stretch from St Anne street to Soho street - 1966

Bixteth st on 22.4.68 showing Exchange Chambers on the
right and the then new Littlewoods building
straight ahead, now renamed Plaza.

Bixteth street showing demolition of the building
that was on the corner of Tithebarn st - 22.4.68

Bixteth street towards St. Paul's Square on 22.4.68

Blackstock Street in 1976

Bolton st 23.11.61 looking past the
Ribble bus station towards the Adelphi Hotel

Bolton street as Ribbles make their way into Skelhorne st depot.

Brownlow Hill along Shannon street

Brownlow Hill from the Adelphi roof in 1969

Brownlow Hill from Trowbridge street in 1966

Burlington street in 1982

Byrom st in 1966

Byrom st widening in the late 60s

Byrom Street from Old Haymarket
Old Haymarket 1920 prior to the Mersey Tunnel
Byrom street in 1966

Byrom street. Out with the old and in with the new as rows of
shops are replaced with Fontenoy Gardens tenements

Byrom street

Camden st junction at Islington and Newsham Motors.

Camden st on 19 April 1961

Canterbury st at Carver st on 28.5.54

Canterbury street at Langsdale street on 20.6.55

Canterbury street football pitches

Canterbury street from Islington - 29.3.67

Canterbury street on 20.06.55

Canterbury street on 20.06.55
Carver Street, Islington, 1967
Cazneau Street at the top end showing Clarksons

Chapel street at New Quay

Chisenhale st from Pall Mall
Chisenhale Street canal bridge about 1900
Chisenhale st showing the Bridge pub known locally as the Flyhouse

Christian street 1966 looking towards the
 landing side of Holly Street tenements

Christian Street 1966

Christian Street at the top of Hunter Street 1958

Christian Street in 1958 showing the former
All Saints school, by then renamed St Annes.

Christian Street. 6th June 1958

Christian Street. 19th April 1961

Churchill way flyovers Feb 75

Clare st from Islington looking towards
the tenements on Holly St in the distance

Clarence Dock power station in 1950

Clarksons from Scotland Road

Clayton street down the back of the Museum on 14.11.66

Commutation row and Islington from William Brown street on 11.5.59

Commutation Row in 1959

Concourse House Lime st in 1971

Copperas Hill 1961
Daulby Motors, 20-24 Daulby Street off 
Pembroke Place on 16th October 1967
Eldon Grove 1969

Eldon Grove 1969

Fraser Street in 1966

Fraser Street in April 61

Galton street 1968

Great Crosshall st 17.8.58 looking towards Tithebarn st at Vauxhall rd

Great Crosshall st 1966

Great Crosshall street

Great Crosshall street 1967

Great Howard Street 1968

Great Howard Street 1968

Haigh Street
 Haigh Street circa 1930s

 Haigh Street circa 1930s

Hawke street 1966

Highfield st from Leeds street in 1968

Holly Street - 1966

Holy Trinity church St Anne street in 1955

Hotham street towards London Road on 18.7.66

Hunter street in 1966, just pre demolition of the Manchester Slate Company
and breweries for the building of the Churchill Way flyovers.

Hunter street in 1966

Islington - 19.4.61

Islington at Fraser st in 1961

King Edward street at the Northern Hospital in 1972

Langsdale st 29.3.67

Langsdale st from Shaw st - 29.3.67

London Road 1949 from William Brown st.

London Road 1966

London road 1967

London road at Fraser st in 1966

London Road Eros Cinema

London road in 1955.

London Road in 1956.

London Road in 1967

London Road in the 1950s

London Road near Moss Street on 2.06.1952

Marybone 1958

Marybone at Banastre st 1958

Mount Pleasant - 16.05.66

Mount Pleasant aerial in 1959

Blind school Philharmonic Hall

Norton street 1966

Pembroke Place - 1967

Pembroke Place - 1967

Pier Head Bust Terminus

Richmond Row 1958

Richmond Row 1958_

Richmond Row 1967

Richmond Row - Berry's pawn shop.

Salisbury street towards Canterbury heights.

Scotland Place 1952. The Morning Star pub to the left, once ran by
Dandy Pat Byrne whose monument stood in front
of this pub and is now in St Anthony's churchyard.

Scotland Place 1958

Shakespeare Theatre fire, Fraser Street 1976

Skelhorne street 1983

Soho Sq 1954. Bessie Braddock makes a visit.

Soho Street 1967

St Pauls Square - 24.9.68

Standish street north side on 4.11.66

Standish street north side on 4.11.66

The Gaiety picture house and pine pub
at the bottom of Edgar street on Scotland road

The overhead railway through its L3 stretch - 1940s
before the 3rd Clarence dock power station chimney was added in 1950.
Liverpool Overhead Railway, Pier Head Station

The Royal Oak pub on the corner of Islington and Norton street.

The TGWU - HQ on the corner of Christian st and Islington,
replaced by the one that stands on
the opposite side of the road today. Photo by Joe Devine.

Upper Milk street 6.02.75

Vauxhall road 1950

Vauxhall Road 1967 from the Eagle Vaults pub Blackstock street

Vauxhall Road 1967

Vauxhall Road near Leeds street junction in 1950

Victoria Square - 1954

William Brown st - 1968

William Brown street

William Henry st towards Soho st 22.5.67
Ariel view st Anne St Gerrard Gardens
Ashfield cottages
Beau Lane looking towards Bishop Goss and
a then much narrower Cazneau Street. 1935
Boys Brigade Parade 1947
Brownlow Hill road surface heating being installed, 1959
Brownlow Hill road surface heating being installed, 1959

Brownlow Hill workhouse

Bridport Street, 1970

Brownlow Hill, viewed from the roof
of the Adelphi Hotel - 1969

Burlington Bridge Vauxhall Road, popular place to swim
as the water was warmed by Tate and Lyles
manufacturing process

Burlington Bridge Vauxhall Road,

Burlington Street Court 1900

Burlington-Street boy with a Jug of Ale

Byrom St 1970

Byrom St Flyover 1970

Byrom St from the Tunnel 1967

Byrom Street 1927

Byrom Street 1979

Byrom Street - 1966

Byrom Street and Great Crosshall Street
taken in 1966

Byrom Street 1927

Byrom Street

Camden Street Gaumont made up as a station Station

Cazneau Street (Paddys)Market.

Cazneau Street (Paddys)Market.

Child Welfare Centre Copperas Hill Bolton Street

Christian Street at the top of Hunter Street 1958

Clayton Street rear of William Brown St

Commutation Row c.1980s

Commutation Row

Comus Street Court 1926

Corner of Gerard Street (no date)

Downe St, Liverpool 3.

Downe St, Liverpool 3.
Edgar Street toward Scotland Road

E.A Clare St Anne St
Edward Street, between Ainsworth Street and Russell Place, 1966

Eldon St 1910

Eldon Street Dwellings 1905

Eldon Street Dwellings

Feather Street 1927

Foundation work for Gerard Gardens

Fraser Street in 1966

Fruit barrows outside T J Hughes

Gardeners Row prior to the Tunnel

Gaumont Camden St

Gerard Gardens 1966

Gerard Gardens showing the reference to the film
Violent Playground a 1958 film about the battle of
wills between a Liverpool Juvenile Liaison officer
and a young and dangerous pyromaniac.

Gerard Gardens

Gerard Street

Great crosshall st 1967
Great Newton Street, toward Pembroke Place, 1967

Hatton Garden 1967

Holly Street 1914

Holly Street 1937

Hornby street

Hunter Street alongside Gerard Gardens,
now the site of the Flyover pictured c.1960s

Hunter Street Dawson Street showing cellar dwelling

Hymans Islington

Islington at Fraser Street - 1961

John and Frank Gianelli
Jefferson street at Heyworth Street 1967

Traffic on St Johns Lane

Kings Regiment war memorial St Johns Gardens
unveiled by Field Marshall Sir George White
9th September 1905

Kings Regiment war memorial St Johns Gardens
unveiled by Field Marshall Sir George White
9th September 1905

Langsdale St

Langsdale street looking towards Shaw Street

Limekiln Lane St Bridgets School 13.04.1927
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine at Pembroke Place

Liverpool Mersey Tunnel entrance early 1960

Liverpool St Johns Gardens early 20th Century
Prospect Street 1976

Liverpool Stadium

Russell st from Brownlow Hill 18th July 1966

 William Brown Street 1905

London Rd

London Road 1897

London Road (no date)

London Road at Fraser Street

London Road from the top of the Wellington Memorial

London Road in the 1950s

London Road riot damage following
the Police Strike 1919

London Road showing Colliers store with
Nobletts toffee shop (right)

London Road with workmen at the Legs of Mann
and the Odeon prior to its metal cladding

London Road

Mersey Tunnel c1970s

Mersey Tunnel Opening Ceremony

Mersey Tunnel Postcard

Moss Street
Moor Place from Pembroke Place, 1967

Newsham Motors Islington, later became

No 26 Court Burlington Street Vauxhall 1926

Odeon 1954

Odeon London Road

Old Haymarket and St Johns Gardens

John Mathews City Varnish and Paints and Sewards Pets Shop
 in Hatton Garden 1937
Pembroke Street toward Pembroke Place, 1967

Prescot St in 1934 to Welcome the King and Queen
for the opening of the Queensway tunnel

Sackville St with Mazzini Hights
in the background.

Scotland Place - 1952

Scotland Place 

Scotts Advertising © Joe Neary

Sewards Hatton Garden

Shakespear Theatre Fraser Street 1959

Shakespear Theatre Fraser Street

South Collingwood dock Building
St Andrew st and Brownlow Hill

St Vincent Street East No`s 2-4 1970

St Johns and St Georges Place
from above Byrom Street
Tabley Street near the junction with Shaws Alley, 1968

The Steble Fountain

The Swan London Road 
Trowbridge Street, 1910
Trowbridge Street, off Brownlow Hill

Tram at the bottom of London Road

T.J Hughes London Road
Queen Victoria monument looking up Lord Street 1930s

William Brown St
Upper Beau Street No.16, 1959

Upper Beau Street No.108, 1959

Upper Beau Street No`s 69-72, 1959

Upper Beau Street No`s 72-82, 1959

William Brown Street Library and Museum 1895
William Brown Street and Gerard Gardens

William Brown Street, 6 May 1960

William Brown Street toward Commutation Row
and the Empire Theatre
William Henry st at Kirby st 20.6.55

Stitt Street looking from William Henry Street, 1958

W Beaton, Grocery and Provisions, Soho Street

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