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Photographs of the City Centre areas of Liverpool

Liverpool 1

Updated July 2019

Annual Liverpool City Police bike race 1930s

Anglican Cathedral under contruction

Ariel view of the City Centre post war, Adelphi Hotel top left

Ariel view of William Brown Street and
the surrounding area, 1968
Picton Reading Room, , William Brown Street , circa 1900

A photographe entitled "Bringing in the stores",
Liverpool Strike 1911

Lime Street circa 1920s showing the original Empire Theatre
Lime Street from the roof of St George's Hall 1964

Lime Street towards Patches, circa 1972

A photograph of the old Lime St shops
Lime Street 1950s
Early Lime Street and St George's Hall
Lime Street 1900s

Lime Street circa 1959

Lord Street at St Georges Crescent Derby Sq

South John street 1907
Adelphi Hotel
Oldham Street from Renshaw Street, 1966

Original Adephi Hotel

Punch and Judy Show, St George's Crescent 1950s
Punch and Judy show, 1957

Roe st - May 1951
Roe Street.

St George's Hall 1985

St George's Hall showing the original carving above the
portico, apparently removed for safety reasons.

Troops on Lime Street 1919

ABC LIme Street 1971

Ariel view of the Anglican Cathedral March 1933

Wood Street at Colquit Street 1968

A 1950s aerial view across China Town towards the Pier Head.

A carter passes near the overhead at Wapping in 1929

A Mann Island street trader

A parade with Doddy doll coming up Parker st in 1966
Parker Street 1930s

A protest march. 23-03-1980 Protestors march through Liverpool
in a bid to save Erics Club Mathew Street

A rare aerial shot of the pre blitzed St Georges Hall in Feb 41, 12 weeks before the visit of the Luftwaffe.

A view of NEMS from the Holy corner
The Beatles in NEMS
ABC Forum Lime street in the 1980s

Alfred B Vines & Son, Wine And Spirit Vaults, 77-87 Lime Street, Liverpool, Merseyside

Allen and Appleyard Renshaw Street

Anglican Cathedral construction with the Customs house in view, pre- WWII (no date)

Anglican Cathedral construction with the David Lewis theatre in view.

Anglican cathedral excavations showing how laborious and primitive they were.

Ariel Picture of the Cathedral 1949

Ariel View Ranelagh St Church St

Ranelagh street 1930s
Back Renshaw street with Oldham Place on the right, 1966
Back Hood street from St Johns Lane.

Back Roe st showing St Johns Precinct under construction on 27.5.68

Basnett street in 1947

Basnett Street in 1959
 Beaver Radio, Whitechapel, The original store,
photographed from Sir Thomas Street, 1957
Tram on Whitechapel (no date)

Baxendale showroom ruins in School Lane on 9.11.41

Benns Gardens Chapel Walks in 1968

Benns Gardens from South Castle st in 1968

Benns Gardens towards Redcross street in 1968
Benson Street, toward Mount Pleasant. 1966

Berry St Seel St (no date)
Blacklers store

Blacklers 1964

Blacklers and Lewis's Blitz Damage

Blacklers and Lewis's Blitz Damage

Blacklers Blitz Damage

Blacklers Great Charlotte St at Christmas, the sattelite
Christmas decoration came from Blackpool

Blacklers interior

Blacklers interior

Bluecoat Chambers from St Peter's church gardens

Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane in 1984. The oldest City centre building.

Bold place 1966

Bold Street, 1897. Decorated for Queen
Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

Bold St Hanover St and Ranelagh Street St 1958

Bold St Ranelagh St

Bold Street  1910

Bold street 1910

Bold Street Blacklers, temporary blitz premises, 1942

Bold street in 1947

Bold street property rears and the Central line

Bold street

Bombed houses afront the Anglican cathedral

Brownlow Hill circa 1965
Church Street 1900s

Dale Street and Crosshall Street junction 
6th August 1909

Bunneys Church Street and Whitechapel

Bunneys Whitechapel Church Street Corner1905

Buses on Lime Street 1960s

Button Street and Whitechaple

C and A Modes, church st 1955

Carters hauling past the Goree piazzas going to and from the docks.

Cases st in 1969. Most of this street was engulfed into
Clayton Square Shopping development

Cases Street McDonald House
Clayton Square. Christmas 1962

Cases Street Ranelagh St

Cases Street.

Cases Street.

Cathedral from Great George street

Central Station

Central Station. Liverpool, Merseyside. Circa 1966.
Central Station 1965

Central Station demolition 1973

Central Station high level 1969

Central Station

Charrabang on Lime St 1960
Church House on the corner of Lord Street 
and South John Street, 1900
Christmas on Bold st 1972
Church Street early photograph.

Church Street 1930s

Christmas on Church street circa 1960s
Church St, showing Horne Bros Menswear, now McDonalds, 1962

Church alley Littlewoods building construction
Church street in 1925
Church Street looking towards Bold Street circa 1912

Church St 1911 Strike with Hanover St on the left

Church st 1947

Church st 1949

Church st 1957 from Lord st

Church st Christmas 66

Church st crossing

Church st January 65

Church st May 1960

Church st towards Lord st in 1938

Church Street 1940

Church Street 1941 Bluecoat Chambers at the end of Church Alley in the distance !!

Church Street an early photograph with Parker Street on the right

Church street at Tarleton Street 1893

Church street Be Sure Your Sins !

Church street blitzed

Church street Bon Marche (Right)

Church street Christmas 66

Church street Christmas blitz 1940

Church street Early Photograph

Church Street early postcard

Church street in 1925

Church street in Dec 68

Church Street Liverpool 1913

Church Street Liverpool black and white postcard

Church street near Coopers

Church Street off Parker Street 1929

Church Street, this statue was later moved to a new home
outside Police HQ in Canning Street.
Coronation Gardens Paradise Street toward
Holy Corner, circa 1959

Church Street

Church Street 1955
Customs House from Salthouse Dock

City Police HQ Hardman Street 1967
The News theatre in Clayton Square in 1947.

Clayton Sq 1963

Clayton Sq just before demolition in 1986

Clayton Square 1923

Clayton Square 1947

Clayton Square at Cases street

Clayton Square flower seller (no date)However, Charlie Chaplins,
'The Count' is showing on the cinema and this was released in 1916.

Clayton Square flower sellers

Clayton Square in 1923 prior to the Owen Owen store being built,
that side of the street then formed part of the square.

Clayton Square in 1947

Cleveland Square public toilets blitzed

Cleveland Square toilets in 1907
Colquitt Street and the Wetheralls building, 1959

Commerce House, Sir Thomas st on 4th March 1980
when BBC Radio Merseyside broadcast from there.

Commutation Row from William Brown st

Coopers cafe, Church st 1932

Coopers, Church st 1930 Wild Haggis window display

Derby Square castle Street

Flyover Ariel View

Formerly the News Theatre and then the Jacey picture house in Clayton Square,
 in May 1969 it became the Blessed Sacrament.

Forum Lime Street c 1970's

Fruit seller next to Horn Bros in Paradise Street c1980s, this is now McDonalds

Futurist Lime Street

Great charlotte st 1937

Great Charlotte street fish market in 1941

Great Charlotte Street The Royal Court Theatre, shown on the left.
was destroyed by a fire in 1933 during the opera and drama that Howard and Wyndhams Ltd were staging

Great Charlotte street

Great George Square bowling green
Turner and Company, Merchant Tailors Gt Charlotte Street 1901

Gt Charlotte St

Hardman Street 1947 showing Atlantic House

Hobbies Tarleton Street

Hornby F Lowe School Lane

Inside Lewis's Food Hall

Islington at the top of William Brown St

Leece St
Jordan Street 15th June 1954
Boat builders yards in the lower section of Jordan Street.
Lewis's Blitz damage
Ranelagh Street, Bold Street junction, 1968

Ranalagh Street circa 1940s
Hendersons Church Street 1956

Lewis's Corner, Ranelagh Street1956

Lewis's Statue unveiled,  Officially known as Liverpool Resurgent,
 the statue was built by Sir ... Unveiled for Lewis's centenary celebrations in 1956

Lewis's Liverpool 1904

Lewis's Sale

Lime Street, St Georges Sq

Lime St with Ranelagh St left and Jacobs tailoring

Lime Street (no date)

Lime Street photograph turned in to an early recoloured postcard
Lime Street Station 1978

Lime Street looking towards Elliot Street

Elliot Street at Lime Street on 2nd May 1957

Lime Street Station buffet c 1950's.

Lime Street Station buffet c 1950's

Lime Street station entrance

Lime_street concourse c1950
Liverpool Daily post and Echo building which was on the
 corner of Crosshall st and Victoria Street

Liverpool City Centre St Johns Market and
Queen Square prior to demolition

Liverpool Lime St vintage post card

Liverpool Lime Street 1940s

Liverpool Lime Street 1970s

Liverpool Lime Street

Liverpool Old Adelphi 1908

Liverpool Ranelagh Street circa 1905

Lloyds Bank Bold Street

Looking toward Williamson Sq

Magic Clock Roe Street
Mariners Parade toward Canning Place 1968

Main Entrance Government Building Victoria Street
Municipal Annexe 1954

March 1915,Lord Kitchener Inspects Troops in Liverpool

Midland Hotel Ranelagh Street

In this photograph of Clayton sq we see Wolfendens
erecting the Christmas tree outside the Jacey, I always thought
that the tree and the manger being located outside a blue movie cinema was a strange choice.

Owen Owen Corner Parker St and Houghton St

Parker Street Liverpool circa 1949
Parker street 1920s

Paul McCartney and Long John Baldry outside Lime Street Station 1963
Photo Mike Mcgear

Philip Son and Nephew, the original Church Street store, blitzed.

Police Box Lime St

Punch and Judy Pub

Queen Square

Queens Arms Williamson Square

Quiggins School Lane, this building is now part of the Liverpool 1 Development

Ranelagh St and Central Station

Ranelagh St through Central Station gates
Ranelagh Street 1947

Renshaw St Old Lewis's

Ribble Bus Station interior

Ribble Bus Station Skelhorne St

Roe St Gyratory

Royal Court Theatre

Sailors Home Canning Place.

Sailors Home Canning Place

Scala Lime Street 1941 bombing

School Lane View from Hanover Street showing Crane's Buildings on the right and the ruins of Blaxendale's showrooms

St Georges Crescent © Joe Neary

St Johns 1969 building work underway

St Johns 1969 Nearing completion

St Lukes Church Intereior
St Lukes from Bold Street, 1953

St Peters Church St interior

St Peters Church Street

St. Peter's Church 1919

The exterior of Parr's Bank at the junction of
Great Charlotte Street and Elliot Street

The interior of the banking hall at Parr's Bank

Top of Renshaw St Bold St

View from Old Haymarket
Junction of Whitechapel and Sir Thomas Street from the
Post Office yard. Photograph courtesy of Jim Moyneux

Whitechaple and Richmond Street crossing

Williamson Square

Woolworths first Store, in Church Street Liverpool

Woolworths Grand Staircase, 25a Church Street. 1909
Ashcroft Building left and the Bank at the corner of Sir Thomas Street.

Lime Street, Liverpool, on a foggy morning in December 1960

Litherland Alley in 1968 towards Canning Place

Liver street from Salthouse lane on 19.11.73

Liverpool City mission in Kent Square - 1925

Looking down Sir Thomas Street from Dale street 29th May 1946.

Looking up Nile street towards the Anglican Cathedral.

Manchester st from Hatton Garden

Manestys Lane from Coopers Lane Nov 1947

Market st near to St Johns Market in the 1890s.
Mersey tunnel entrance prior to the
opening ceremony, 1934

Mersey Tunnel opening July 1934

Mersey Street near Liver Street 1968

Mount Pleasant looking towards Lewis's and Lime St 7.1.27

Mount Pleasant showing thw Mardi Gras, 1972
Transport strike 1911. Mount Pleasant

Nautical catering college in Canning place

No1 Prince Alfred cottages from Upper Frederick st

North John street

Old Haymarket 12.11.28
Albion Place off Old Haymarket. The area was demolished
 for the construction of the first Mersey Tunnel

Old Haymarket - 1928

Old Haymarket by night.

Old Haymarket

Palais de lux 1929

Palais de luxe cinema c1959 - Lime street

Paradise st looking west in May 1941

Paradise street at Lord street, Blitz damage

Paradise Street towards the Sailors Home

Park Lane prefabs c1970
Park Lane with the Sailors Home
in the background

Parker st in 1947

Parker street 1955

Parker street 1956

Parker street circa 1970s
Pavement artist outside the Old Custom House, 1894
A wartime Plane travelling along the Strand at the Pier Head

Preesons Row at James st. Flattened during wartime.
The All Bar One (formerly The Queens) pub now stands here.

Prince Albert Gardens in 1974

Prince Albert Gardens, St. James st in 1935

Prince Alfred Cottages at Upper Frederick st in 1934

Queen Square - 1951

Queen Square 1951
Mersey tunnel Construction 1929
© Stewart Bale Photography

Queensway Tunnel arch construction in 1931

Queensway tunnel area

Queensway tunnel entrance from the air pre flyovers

Queensway tunnel entrance in the 1930s.

Queensway tunnel Mrs Mop

Queensway tunnel
Queen Square November 1976

Ranelagh st 1957

Ranelagh st in May 1941

Ranelagh street at Church street

Renshaw st 8.9.59

Renshaw street, Kelly's construction on 24.4.56

Renshaw st on 10.5.59

Renshaw street German church in 1931

Revenue Chambers on Litherland Alley

Richmond street 27.5.68

Richmond street 1980

Rodney street in 1904, decked out for the Anglican
Cathedral foundation stone laying by Royal visitors

Roe Alley towards Fleet st and Wood st 27.5.68

Roe st 1962

Roe St - 1947

Roe st - 1952

Roe st - 1947

Roe street and St Johns precinct site - 1964

Roe street at St Johns, photo Chris Lane

Roe street Christmas 1977

Roe street rears

Roe street towards Willaimson Square

Roe Street and that awful walkway

Roscoe lane 1929

Sailors home, Canning place.

Sailors Home. A travesty that we lost such a grand ornamental building.
Sailors Home from Paradise Street

Scaffolding around Bon Marche, Leigh st off Parker st on
19.3.51 after an accident involving the buildings chimney.
Leigh Street looking from Parker Street, 1968
Leigh Street looking towards Basnett Street, 1968

School Lane - 1982

Seel street and St Peters church 150th anniversary in 1938

Sir Thomas Street circa 1970s

Sir Thomas street, the  Shakespeare Hotel blitzed

Sir Thomas Street.

Sir Thomas Street

South Castle Street 1947

South castle street blitzed, looking towards the custom house

South Castle street towards the town hall in the distance

South Castle street tram roof ripped off during the blitz

South Hunter street - 1966

South John Street Diocesan church house.

South John street

St Georges Church, Derby Square. Built on the site of the Castle
and then demolished in 1899 due to subsidence of the tower.
The Queen Victoria monument now stands there,

St Georges Crescent 1941

St Georges Crescent blitzed
U.S troops on parade at St George's Plateau 
1918 for American Red Cross day
St Georges Hall 1949

St Georges Hall in 1900

St George's Hall circa 1851, notice the original steps on the
St John Lane side of the building.
St George's Hall circa late 50s

St Georges Hall internal scaffolding
in the main hall on 17.10.50

St Georges Hall snooker match.

St Georges Hall. Roman and Greek splendour
and much loved by Queen Victoria

St Georges Place 11.2.57

St Georges Place - Studio 54 which was also
Top Rank, Baileys, Rotters and Romeo & Juliets

St Georges Place and police arrive from Birmingham
to assist during the strike riots of 1911

St Georges Place Guinness clock

St Johns Lane

St Johns Market

Anglican Cathedral
Tatler News Cinema, Church Street circa 1950s

Anglican Cathedral from Park Road 1985

Anglican Cathedral from Washington Street 1934

Birmingham Police Arrive in Liverpool at
Lime Street during the 1911 Strike
Tram shelter outside the Adelphi Hotel, 1933

Blacklers and Lewis's Blitz damage

Blacklers c.1950s

Blind School Hardman Street Hope Street 1929

Hahnemann Hospital, Hope Street (opposite Falkner Street) 
Liverpool c1900
School Outing Hope Place, 1958

Bon Marche Church Street

Boys Brigade annual parade, Lime Street, 1947

Bunneys Church Street from Paradise Street

Central Hall early Postcard

Central Hall Renshaw Street

Central Station c.1960 Echo Seller

Chinatown 1984

Church St Student Rag day 1936

Church Street 1886

Church Street from Parker Street

Church Street

Clayton Square in 1958 ©JD Rogers

Clergy visiting St Georges Hall before the opening of the Metropolian Cathedral 1967

Crown Court in St George's Hall

Cumberland st on 14.11.66

Dangerous Goods sign at Tunnel Entrance 1962

Everton FC 1966 homecoming © Joe Neary

Fire on the site for the proposed St Johns Precinct

Governmeent Building Main Entrance Victoria Street
at the rear of the Municiple buildings

Government Building Victoria Street and Sir Thomas Street

Great Charlotte Street showing the temporary Market

Great Georges Place

Hanover Street 1959,

Horne Brothers Store Lord Street Paradise Street,
now McDonalds
Lord Street,. 12th December 1962

Horse Drawn Tram, Church Street 1886

Kent Square from Jean Tomlinson

Lime Street 1964

Lime Street 1967

Lime Street Station. Picture © Trinity Mirror

Lime street,liverpool at night before St Johns
was built 1966 © Joe Neary

Liverpool Cathedral c.1981 @ Phil Maxwell

Liverpool Central station demolition
in the early months of 1972.

Liverpool Central station Platform 2 is
on right in October 1959.

Liverpool Child Welfare Centre

Liverpool Empire the original building

Liverpool fc homecoming 1965

Liverpool fc homecoming at Lime Street Station 1965

Liverpool Head Post Office after an air raid in 1941 taken
from Sir Thomas Street © Royal Mail Group Plc

Liverpool Library, Lyceum, Bold Street
Library and Museum circa 1950 ©Johnny Lockhart

Liverpool Savings Bank Bold Street

Lord Street 1920s

Manchester Street
Selling the rush hour Echo on Manchester Street
towards Old Haymarket

Marks & Spencer Ltd 61 Lime Street with the
Futurist next door, just in view c. 1903

Marks and Spencer Church Street 1931

Marks and Spencer seen from Basnett Street

Marsden Buildings,corner of Hanover St in 1947
Mathew Street 1965

Mathew Street late 80s from David Bayliss

Mount Pleasant towards Hope Street c.1960s

No 3 Pitt st in 1935
Norfolk street from outside St Vincent De Pauls 
Church St James street in 1968

Norfolk Street looking towards St. James Street, 1968

North Western Hotel 1904

Old Haymarket

Parker Street 1972

Philharmonic Hall Blaze looking up Hardman Street

Philharmonic Hall Blaze

Pier head landing stage

Pitt st and Forest st corner.

Pitt Street 1927  ©E Chambre Hardman

Pitt Street coronation bunting

Ranelagh Street and Central Station

Ranelagh Street from Renshaw Street

Roe Street 1986

Roe street and St Johns Precinct site looking towards the
Royal Court and Queen Square - 1964

Royal Infirmary 1908

School for the Blind on Hardman Street showing the
Old Philharmonic Hall later destroyed by fire - 1932

Seth Davy, the Liverpool street performer

Skelhorne Street Bus Station 1983

St James cemetery, photo from Glyn Levelle.

St Johns Gardens and Liverpool Museum 1965

St Johns Lane with Queen Square buildings still standing

St Johns Precinct and Concourse House
under construction c.1960s

St Johns Precinct under construction

St Michael's Pitt Street, during the blitz in 1941

St Michaels church bombed in 1941 - Pitt street

Stonemasons work on the roof of the Anglican Cathedral

Tarleton Street Church Street 1957.

Tarleton Street. Yates's Wine Lodge 1982

The Blackie 1982

The corner of Ranelagh Street and Bold Street in 1910

The First Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street

The Futurist Lime Street 1972

The interior of St Lukes Church 8.11.57

The Liverpool Gymnasium Myrtle Street 1880
Myrtle st North side looking West on 16.05.66
Owen Owen Clayton Square, circa 1960s

Tram passing Owen Owen

Upper Dawson st 1895

view of Hanover Street taken from the studio of the Liver
Sketching Club before the Liverpool One development.
The car park used by the club ,lower right corner,
is now a Novotel, photo from David Brown

Wellington Column 1915

Whitechapel Victoria Street junction

Entrance to St Johns Churchyard July 1901.

A busy Manchester Street and Dale Street
 junction in November 1947

A photograph of Clayton Square taken
from a rooftop circa. 1947.

Advert for Reece's Parker Street

Another view of Church Street this time showing Broadbridges Opticians
and the Barker and Dobson shop on the corner of Clayton Lane
with the Verona Chocolate Cafe upstairs

Blacklers Christmas decorations

Blacklers Store

Bluecoat Chambers was a school until 1906 before
moving to Wavertree, these children are pictured
at the former school on Founders Day in 1920

Bold Street from St Lukes Church circa 1900s

Bunneys Church Street 1956

Bunneys Church Street from Paradise Street circa 1949.

Cases Street Liverpool - photograph from John Harrison
Cases Street 1984

Cases Street, looking toward Clayton Square
prior to Owen Owen being built, 1919

Central Station circa 1960's.
Central Station 1965
Central Station 

Central Station

Central Station Restaurant and the
W H Smith Bookstall

Harrington Street 1973
Islington from the Steble Fountain

Lime Street from the Steble Fountain

Children congregated around the Steble Fountain (no date)

Church St. 1930's

Church Street 1952 Bluecoat Chambers on the right and Brooks Alley
Post Office Place and Central Cafe. Taken from Church Street

Church Street 1953

Church Street from Hanover Street corner, June 1912

City Centre Blitz damage May 1941

Clayton Square 1969.

Church Street late 50s early 60s.
Crump Street toward Greenland Street 1968
Duke street circa 1960s

Early Church Street

Early photograph looking up along Lord Street

Final work being completed on the Mersey Tunnel entrance
 in 1934 and the finishing touches being added
to the huge pillar at the entrance (right).

Former Gents Toilets on St Johns Lane
below St John Gardens

Former Ladies Toilets on St Johns Lane
below St Johns Gardens

Houghton Street Liverpool 1, circa 1908

Inside the Market Hall at the former
St John Market Gt Charlotte Street

Kent Gardens, 1975
The original Lewis's department store

Lewis's from Renshaw Street, showing the
original admin block taken on 7th January 1927

Lewis's Re-build

Lewis’s Bank , the entire staff of Liverpool Branch pose
for the very first Lewis’s Bank feature in
Martins Bank Magazine Winter 1958.

Lime Street (no date)

Lime Street circa 1968.

Lime Street showing the original Empire (left) circa 1920s

Lime street station interior in 1950

Lime street station newspaper and magazine shop - 1950

Liverpool Central

Liverpool City Centre Ariel Photograph circa late 1934 on

Liverpool City Centre Ariel Photograph St Georges Hall Area
circa 1930s, with buildings being cleared for the Tunnel

Liverpool Empire circa 1960's.

Liverpool Gyratory Hood Street

Liverpool Museum bear exhibit in 1931

Liverpool Playhouse circa 1950's.

Liverpool's Hood Street Gyratory in September 1985

Looking up Lord Street from the Victoria
Monument following the blitz

Lord St. 1909

Lord street 1908.

Lord street circa 1950

Lord Street circa 1970s.

Manchester Street toward the Old Haymarket

North John Street

Old Haymarket 1920 prior to the Mersey Tunnel

Old Haymarket circa 1932.

Old Haymarket with St Johns Lane behind

Owen Owen photographed here in 1949.

Paradise St. The Eagle - LRO

Paradise Street 1948

Park Place c.1920s

Parker Street 1947

Parr Street Studios 1997

Pitt Street decorated for the Coronation

Pitt Street Jubilee Celebrations 6th May 1935

Quinns Bar Paradise Street 1926

Ranelagh Street c.1911

Renshaw Street showing Lawton Street on the
right hand side at the end of the Lewis's block.

Hood Street Gyratory

Royal Court July 1947

School for the Blind on Hardman Street showing
the Old Philharmonic Hall later destroyed by fire - 1932
St John's Lane 1970s

Soldiers Marching along Lime Street

St Georges Crescent looking towards Lord Street in 1905.

St Georges Hall 1950

St Georges Place circa.1960's.

St Johns Church 1890

St Johns Lane c.1960s
St Johns Lane 1920

St Johns Precinct construction c.1960s

Stanley Street from Victoria Street,

Steble Fountain circa 1920s

The Congregational church (The Blackie) in 1950

The kitchen and serving staff at The Cross Keys,
Earle Street, Liverpool 3. ©JellesFfonk

The opening of the Queensway Tunnel on 17th July 1934.

The original Empire Theatre opened
by the Prince Of Wales in 1866

The Sailors Home in 1953

The Steble Fountain

The top of William Brown Street with Rushworths
on the left leading into Islington circa, 1950's.
William Brown Street from the tunnel entrance
May Horse Parade William Brown Street

American Troops march down William Brown Street. 1970

Queensway Tunnel Entrance.

Upstairs at The Cross Keys, Earle Street, ©Jelles Ffonk

Victoria St Post Office Switch Room after an enemy air raid 1942

Victoria Street Post Office from Stanley Street

Washington Hotel Lime Street

Wellington Monument May Day 1901

William Brown Street.

William Brown Street

Wood Street, photo from John Harrison.

Clayton Square early 1960s

College Lane 1970s

Compton House Church Street in 1947 formerly the
Compton Hotel declared bankrupt by its owners.

Corner of Elliott Street and Lime Street in 1947

Greenbergs, Park Lane 1973

Leece Street in 1962

Lime Street 1947

Lime Street 1950s

Lime Street circa 1950s

Lime Street early 1960s

Lime Street in November 1959, The Forum Cinema
is showing the film Yesterdays Enemy.
The Forum Cinema, Liime Street

Lime Street showing the original Empire Theatre

Lime Street Station circa 1960

Liverpool Empire circa 1960's.

Liverpool Mersey Tunnel Opening 1934, the royal car

Marsden Buildings,corner of Hanover St in 1947

Owen Owen, Parker Street windows (no date)

Ranelagh Street, Church Street Corner 1957

St Johns beacon construction

St Johns Beacon Ravenseft Developments

St Johns Beacon Ravenseft Developments
St Johns Beacon under construction 1967

St Johns Gardens 1914

St Johns Gardens from Old Haymarket

St Johns Gardens urchins in 1913

St Johns Gardens

St Johns Lane artist in 1901

St Johns Lane at Tryon st

St Johns market 1953

St Johns market decked out for
the Festival of Britain in 1951

St Johns market

St Johns market

St Johns precinct 1969

St Johns precinct 1980,

St Johns precinct 1980,

St Johns precinct 1980,

St Johns precinct Elliot external escalators

St Johns precinct entrance to loading bays,
this is now the shopping centre entrance.
Taken circa 1980

St Johns precinct escalators 1980

St Johns precinct fire 18.12.79 inside view

St Johns precinct fire 18.12.79 inside view

St Johns precinct fire - 18.12.79.

St Johns precinct fire - 18.12.79.

St Johns precinct nearing completion

St Johns Top rank club 1971

St Lukes - the bombed out church in 1941.

St Lukes - the bombed out church in 1941.

St Lukes - the bombed out church on 5th April 1941.

St Lukes Gardens Circa 1960s -70s

St Michaels in Upper Pitt st. A long time landmark on the horizon.
It held services from 1816-1941 when it was extensively damaged
during WWII bombings. It was demolished 5 years later.

St Peters church 1919 during demolition.

St Peters church - 1919

St Peters church - August 1919

St Thomas' Park lane 1896

Stanley st - The Other Place 1979

Stork Hotel Queen Square

Suffolk st at Henry st - 1936

Suffolk st at Lydia Ann street new flats
called Kent Gardens in 1938

Suffolk st kids in 1940.

Suffolk st looking towards Slater st on 15th July 1968

Surrey Street, Kent Square.
The Liverpool Sailors’ Home from Paradise Street

The old Custom House site, Liverpool. Circa 1967.

Tarleton st 6.7.70

Tarleton st 9.10.58

Temporary Blacklers Shop in Bold Street
Thomas Cook on Church St opened in 1947 –
the company’s oldest store in the UK.
The Oratory and the steps leading to St James Walk, 1890

The Anglican cathedral and the David Lewis theatre

The Anglican Cathedral foundations in 1904

The Anglican Cathedral from Berry Street in 1942

The Anglican Cathedral under construction
from St James road

The Anglican cathedral under construction in 1927.
Even though they've been at it since 1904, it still looks
a mammoth task and it would take
until 1978 before completion.

The Cathedral, St Michaels church spire,
Pitt st and the customs house.

The Cavern in 1973

The Cenotaph unveiling in 1930

The Crown pub from Skelhorne st in 1979

The Custom House Hotel, Canning place.

The Customs house 1941

The Customs House.

The David Lewis theatre in the shadow
of the Anglican cathedral

The David Lewis theatre, probably would
have been a hotel had it survived.

The David Lewis theatre

The east side of Whitechapel from Stanley street in 1925

The Festival of Britain in 1951 - St Georges Hall

The former Theatre Royal Williamson Square, in 1954

The Futurist in 1938

The Holiday Inn, Paradise st 24.9.73

The Holiday Inn, Paradise st 24.9.73

The Jacaranda pub known as the Jac. Pictured here in the 90s
by Peter Evans this was another pre fame Beatles haunt.

The last tram on Lime st 14th Sept 1957

The Lion locomotive at Lime street station in the 1930s.

The Lord De Tabley, Park Lane Tabley St in 1980

The Magic Clock - Roe st.

The News theatre in Clayton Square in 1947.
It was later the Jacey cinema before becoming
the Blessed Sacrament church.

The North side of Clayton Square on 12.7.23. This was later
to be the site for owen Owen, on the opposite side
to the News theatre cinema which is often shown.

The Villiers on the corner of Elliott
Street and Market Street.

Top Rank Suite

Treasure Island in St Johns Precinct
The BEE Motorcyle showroom in Upper Newington with the
Mardi Gras on Mount Pleasant visible at the top of the street, 1967

Whitechapel , Lord Street Junction , 1905
Central Station W H Smith book stall. 
17th October 1968

Whit Monday congestion at the tunnel entrance in 1950.
The queue of buses and coaches stretch
up St John’s Lane.
Woolworths first Store, in Church Street Liverpool

Woolworths Church Street,circa 1982
Williamson Square, 1979

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