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 Liverpool stories and memories,  
photographs help us recall,
streets where we lived,
or played in as kids
people and friends, one or all.
Though some buildings and places are gone now
we have memories, and still we can look,
at the places that meant something to us
here in our Liverpool Picturebook

I am a local author and created the Liverpool Picturebook website was create in 2010, since then has had a vast amount of material added to it. The site is widely used across the world by researchers and family historians and as such I believe it is important to ensure that it remains online.

I have always independently maintained and paid for the website its upkeep and hosting fees with your support.  I ask visitors to the site to make a small donation to its upkeep wherever possible. The site has had five million eighty-eight thousand plus hits which demonstrates is value as a resource.

I have recently received some news about my personal health as a result of which I intend to update as many parts of the site as possible.  After this has been done I will pay advanced hosting fees to ensure that the site remains online for as long as I can, as an Archive.

The Facebook page will continue with a new Editor. 

I would like to thank you all for your support.


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Most of all, I want you to enjoy 'Liverpool Picturebook' and
come back often.

By Robert F Edwards
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