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Myrtle Gardens

Lancelot Keay
During the 1930s large blocks of tenements were built in Liverpool under the direction of Lancelot Keay, Director of Housing from 1925 and later City Architect. One of the surviving examples is Myrtle Gardens, now Minster Court.

Liverpool had already built some large multi-storey schemes of more conventional design in the suburbs in the later 1920s. The broader ambition of the Corporation and its architects was seen fully in the schemes which followed. Myrtle Gardens was constructed between 1936 and 1937. Like its predecessor, Gerard Gardens (1935 – 1939) These had the luxury of indoor bathrooms, hot and cold running water, electricity as well as gas and outdoor facilities such as verandas and an integral play area for the children of the residents.

Following a number of requests I have put together this album of photographs of Myrtle Gardens from the archives at Liverpool Records Office. The photographs are from 1936 -37 apart from the earlier illustrations at the beginning.

Planned Layout

Artist impression

Artist impression

Work underway on the building

All photographs are © Liverpool Records Office

The following video is an extract from the 1938 film Homes For Workers. It details Liverpool City Councils plans for the buidling of tenement blocks within the city. I used extracts in my film Gardens of Stone which focuses upon City Centre living in the 20th Century.


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