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Pics Of The Day November 2014

Pics Of The Day
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Photographs of Liverpool

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2nd December 2014

Anglican Cathedral ©Johnny Lockhart

Carnegie Library Green Lane Liverpool

Church Street, June 1912

College Lane 1970s

James Street c.1980s

Library and Museum circa 1950 ©Johnny Lockhart

Martins Bank Building Dale Street Banking Hall

Martins Bank Building Dale Street shortly
after completion in 1932.

The main entrance of the Adelphi Bank building,
built in 1892, at the corner of Castle Street and
Brunswick Street. Taken 27th September 1893.
© English Heritage

Tower Building and St. Nicholas Church 1964

30th November 2014

1911 Transport strike armoured car in Hatton Garden

Brunswick Road 28 - 30 circa 1960s

Elliot Street and Lime Street in 1963 shortly before
all this property was demolished to make way for
St John Precinct

Great Charlotte St with the Royal Court (left) circa 1949

Liverpool Mersey Tunnel opening 1934, the royal car arriving.

New Brighton circa 1950.

Queensway Tunnel circa 1960

Ranelagh Street junction 1947

The Kardomah Cafe in Dale Street circa 1950s with
the No 27 Tram in view.

The Rice House Pub 15th January 1967 ©J D Rogers

29th November 2014

A  then and now image. Here we see the Sailors Home
which stood on the site of the current John Lewis store

Anfield Road (no date)

Another then and now image.The Midland Ranelagh Street
with fruit barrows shown decades apart

Compton House Church Street in 1947 formerly the
Compton Hotel declared bankrupt by its owners.

Dockers in Kings Branch Dock No1 unloading sugar in 1923.

King George at the Town Hall 1923 merged with
the street as it is now

London Road 1900

Ranelagh Street junction 1947

The Albert Dock Then and Now

The end of Dale street which was demolished
for the Queensway tunnel 15.05.29

28th November 2014

52 Latimer Street September 1934

Broadgreen Road and the Corner of Oakhill Road 1955

Edge Lane from Deane Road 5th October 1957

Mayfair Cinema Aigburth Road c.1960's

Original Central Station Low Level

School for the Blind on Hardman Street showing the
Old Philharmonic Hall later destroyed by fire - 1932

The Lambeth public house, and Lambeth Road school 1976

Walton Lane from Spellow Lane towards Anfield Road
12th August 1958

Walton lane photographed behind park gates towards Spellow Lane
12th August 1958

William Brown Street c.1960s

27th December 2014

Bridge work at Walton Lane, Circa 1960

Dale Street in 1951

Departure of Atlantic Liner from the Landing Stage -
1910 Postcard

July 1968, St John’s Lane during the morning rush-hour

McGuffie's Castle St, the premises are still there today,
tastefully restored as a Winebar and Lounge

North Park, Bootle. 20th August 1947

People outside the house of John Sutcliffe,in Hopwood Street.
He was killed by troops during the 1911 strike , he died outside
the Jamaica public house. Vauxhall Road.

St Martins Cottagers and Silvester Street swings

St Martins Cottages Silvester Street with one of the Pre-fabs
erected in the 1960s to combat the housing shortage.

Walter Woolfendens Hydrocon Highlander crane works in the
shadow of the Liver building. Circa 1964

26th November 2014

Church street ready for pedestrianisation 1974

Corner dock gates, Albert Dock 1982

Crosshall Street at the junction of Victoria Street
The Polytechnic building is now Vita Student accommodation

Derby Square, 1955

Dock Traffic Office, derelict c1960

Kirkland Jennings, Hardman Street, 1973.

Mersey Tunnel Dock entrance 1934.

New Brighton beach and fair

New Brighton pool for the final of Ms New Brighton contest.

St Cyprian Edge Lane circa 1900

25th November 2014

Church street St Peters church to the right.

Dickens Street Liverpool 8, 1911

Grovehurst Avenue 20th July 1933

Harding Street 1934

Queens Drive Wavertree 1911

Sefton Park 1979, John Cain pushing the rowing boat
out onto the lake.

Sefton Park - 1896

Subway Construction Aigburth Vale 1969

Upper Parliament Street during World War II

Windsor Street 1969

24th November 2014

1913 Postcard - Bold Street, Pre-WW1 Period

Copy of a photograph by Miss E.M. McCormick,
September 1928, held at the Liverpool Record Office.

Leigh Arms, Picton Road - Wavertree Road (no date)

Lower Breck Road, Liverpool 1972

Mount Pleasant, only the building on the corner of
Hope Street (right) still remains.

Prescot Road former tram sheds 1981

Priory Road Liverpool 1971

Priory Road 

The Rialto in 1974

Windsor Street, Toxteth in 1970

23rd November 2014

Broadgreen Road 19-27 on 1st April 1974

Carisbrooke Road Walton showing the Liverpool Corporation
Passenger Transport depot. LCPT

Kirkdale Road c.1960s

Lisburn Lane showing a house conversion to a shop in April 1936.

Logan Towers 1972

Oakfield Road from Walton Breck Road with the
Sandon Pub on the left. (undated)

Parker Street pictured in 1973

The Astoria picturehouse Walton Road circa 1950s

Utting Avenue circa 1965

Walton bridge 1955

22nd November 2014

'Coronation Court' - Progress of Construction on
Sparrow Hall Multi-Storey Flats

A Liverpool entrant for the Coronation Horse Parade in 1953

Arkles Road from Anfield Road 1951

Ash Can Cleaning before returning them to the entry walls

Lindsey Road at Cherry Lane 1927

Old Property in Hatton Garden 1937

Owen Owen London Road, boarded up during
the Police Strike in 1919.

Prefabs Besford Road 1953

Prescot Road Ice rink and Casino Cinema - 1959

The Goree Piazza with the White Star
Shipping Line Building on the right.

21st November 2014

Celebrations for the opening of the Metropolitan Cathedral
on 16th May 1967

Clarence Dock power station in 1950

Commutation row and Islington from William Brown street
on 11th May 1959

Cumberland Street with the Poste House pub, (left)
on 23 April 1979

North John Street Central building 1925 now
A Hard Days Night Hotel.

Norton street 1966

Queensway Tunnel arch construction in 1931

Unveiling of H.M. King Edward VII Statue Pier Head 1921

Vauxhall Road 1967 and the Eagle Vaults pub Blackstock street,
circa 1960s.

View from the Queensway tunnel with St John Beacon in the background,
 circa 1970.

20th November 2014

1-7 Spring Place East Prescot Road on 25th July 1934

Canterbury Street March 1967

Cartwright Place 5th May 1927

Clayton Square 1938

Landing stage 1955, ©Johnny Lockhart

New Brighton 1931

Ranelagh st, blitz damage, with the Lewis's
building on the left in May 1941

Renshaw Street at the bottom of Leece Street circa 1980s

St Pauls Square 1968

The Ferry and the Isle of Mann Steamer King Orry,
Friday 19th APRIL 1946, at Princes Landing Stage

The Overhead Railway in 1907

Townsend Lane circa 1900s

19th November 2014

Burlington Bridge Vauxhall Road, popular place to swim
as the water was warmed by Tate and Lyles
manufacturing process

Hendersons former store on Church street

Lord Street 1920s

Park Hill road at No 64 in 1910

Princes Half-tide Dock Liverpool circa 1903

Scotland Road 1935

Shops on Brunswick Road on 12.12.1967

The Liverpool Arms, Goree Piazzas 1948

The News theatre in Clayton Square in 1947. It was later the
Jacey cinema before becoming the
Blessed Sacrament Shrine

Water Street Circa 1950s

18th November 2014

Construction work on the Mersey Tunnel 12th March 1930

Fitzgerald road on the corner with Ravenswood Road April 1936

Lambeth Rd School (from Crealock Street) 1970.

New Brighton Pier (no date)

Prescot Street looking towards London Road

Queensway Tunnel Entrance 1956 with the advertisement
 reminding us to 'Drinka Pinta Milka Day'

Rocket roundabout from Bowring Park, in October, 1964.

Tar Spraying on Ullet Road

The original Empire Theatre Lime Street c1905

Tower buildings, Prison Weint from Water Street

17th November 2014

Bennett's Haulage and Warehousing, Brunswick Street 1920s

Breck Road from Old Barn Road on 9.10.72

Broadway Co-op circa 1970s

Byrom Street in 1931. Demolished for the widening of the street,
 this is now the southbound carriageway in front of the
John Moores University

Egypt street and the rear of Oxford Street
Maternity Hospital,on 16.5.66

Lodge Lane 1980

Muirhead Avenue East - 1930

Nos 1 to 6, 12 Court, Johnson Street

Number 6 Court in Comus Street

The landing stage in 1951

16th November 2014

A photograph of Cases Street prior to the
Clayton Square development.

An early view of Kempston Street

Childwall Street advertising,1909

Johnson Street 1935

Marks & Spencer Ltd 61 Lime Street with the
 Futurist just visible on the right c. 1903

Pier Head (no date)

Pitt Street decorated for the Coronation

Prince Edwin Street 1955.

The New Brighton ferry passengers disembark. 7th December 1964

Victoria Street Whitechaple Junction at the Old Haymarket

15th November 2014

A photograph showingTower Building and
St. Nicholas Church 1964

Castle st at Cook st after the May 3rd 1941 air raid

Essex Street Fire Station 1951

George's dock 1890s

Gt Charlotte street fish market in 1941

Hope Hall The Everyman in 1959

Pier Head Bus Terminus (no date)

St Johns precinct 1980

Waiting to disembark from the Ferry ©Peter Leeson

Zante Street Kirkdale Road 15th April 1959

14th November 2014

Byrom Street, corner of Cuerden st 1931

Cumberland st on 14th November 1966

Cumberland Street circa 1900s

Dongarth, moored at the Liverpool landing stage
on Saturday 12th.April 1958.

Former Tate and Lyle site now occupied by the Eldonian Village

King Orry, Friday 19th April 1946, at Princes Landing Stage

Melling Avenue Aintree circa 1905.

Rimrose Road Bootle circa 1906.

Riverside Hauliers Wagon, 1910, the company
was based at 197 Vauxhall Road.

St John's RC Church, Fountains Road, 1976

The bottom of Everton Valley Kirkdale,
taken on 5th July 1973.

The Liverpool Bootle boundary at Stanley Road in 1903

The original Blacklers Store pre WWII

The White Star building all alone on the Strand, how different the
Strand looks today. Photograph from Lawrence Kenwright

Thirlmere Road 10th March 1969

13th November 2014

Boundary street, Liverpool 5, 1972

Cains Liverpool-1900s

Central Station 1967

Clayton Square 1969.

Clifton Road East, Tuebrook.photo fron Sally Moran

Croft street on 16.10.67

David Lewis Hostel And Club, Great George Street,
showing the interior and the Theatre September 1904

Empress of Britain Docked at Liverpool, circa 1930s

James Street 1941

Knowsley Road Bootle on 20th March 1935.
with the Gainsborough (right).

Lime Street Station circa 1950s

One of the new domes for the Playhouse
being lifted into placec.1960s

Rosebery Street, off Granby Toxteth 1907

Salthouse Dock circa 1900s

The Goree Piazza with the White Star Shipping Line
Building on the right.

12th November 2014

A working model of a dock crane on display in
Cammell Lairds exhibition in Bluecoat
Chambers circa 1960s.

Astoria Picture House Walton road night view

Boundary street, Liverpool 5 in 1972

Camden street on 19 April 1961

Clayton street at the back of the Museum and Library
on 14.11.66

Grants Gardens Play area mid '60's

Heyworth st - 159-161 The Priory pub on 3.6.65

Kirkdale Road 13.7.67

New Brighton 8th August 1950 ©Trinity Mirror

Smithdown Lane Pearsons Meats

11th November 2014

Aeriel View of the Pier Head 1923

Bidder Street 1945

Birchfield Street 1944

Church Street and Parker Street on 12th. June 1928

Everton Road in 1967

Lime St. tunnels construction 1881

Shaw Street 1967

St-Georges Hall 1851

Stonemasons at the Anglican cathedral

Woolton Street

10th November 2014

Blacklers Elliot Street, 1970s

Church Street, 1940s

Co-op London Road, 1967

Kirby Town Centre early 1960`s ©Joe Neary

Landing Stage, 1910

Langsdale Street, Liverpool 3. 1967

Morris dancers `The Ancient Men` outside the
Bootle Arms circa 1960s.

Overhead Railway, 1950s

Rose Brow, Gateacre, 1971

St Georges Crescent 1966 ©Joe Neary

9th November 2014

Crosby Road 1900's

End of war party 1945 in Dryden St. Bootle

First World War soldiers being treated at the Infirmary,
Toxteth Park Workhouse, c.1915

General Transport Strike Troops in Whitechapel 1911

Liverpool cycle club 1913

London Road circa 1907

Our lady of Immaculate Conception and
Sir Thomas White Gardens circa 1960s

Sale of dolls at Liverpool Station 1916

Sir Thomas White Gardens circa 1960s

Transport Strike,Mounted Police & Convoy leaving St Johns Lane,
escorting carters moving supplies.

8th November 2014

Exchange Building circa 1890, the Stock Exchange
was housed in the East wing on the right.

Georges Landing Stage Liverpool in 1925

Lime Street 1947

Lister Drive Power Station

Liverpool Stock Exchane circa 1950s

Liverpool Universiity at the turn of the century

Orrell Park Hall 1984

Queensway Tunnel circa 1960

St Peters Church, Church Street

The ramps down to St James's gardens catacombes
below Gambier Terrace (no date)

7th November 2014

Albert Dock circa 1980s

Brunswick St rear of India Buildings 1923

City Pets St Johns Precinct 18th December 1979

Corner dock gates, Albert Dock 1982

Dale Street Looking Towards Town Hall 1925

Drury lane towards the damaged White Star building 1941.
This building has now become a hotel.

The Pier Head, 1961. Courtesy of Liverpool Record Office

Tithebarn Street on 24th September 1973

Unveiling of H.M. King Edward VII Statue Pier Head 1921

Victoria st 1936

6th November 2014

104 Brunel Street and 104 -118 Breck Road on 23rd January 1964

Breck Road 94-102 23rd January 1964

Gatecliffe Road Larkhill Estate, (no date)

Letitia Street 11th October 1967

Mildred Street No 2, on 31st August 1965

Pencombe Road Huyton 1934.

Pencombe Road Huyton August 1934

Pitt Street Kent Square (no date)

Robinsons Car Sales Holt Road Toft Street

Walton Clubmoor Housing (No location or date given )
LRO photo by Stewart Bale

Whitefield Road numbers 55-61 on 4th February 1964

5th November 2014

Atkinsons garage at No.1 Moscow Drive seen here
from Green Lane on 21.8.67

Binns Road, Edge Lane

Brainerd st at Snaefell Avenue on 21.8.67

Crawfords biscuit factory, Binns road.

East Prescot road flood in 1976. This pic was
taken near the Lord Nelson pub.

Eaton road police station in 1974

Eaton road, vets surgery on 10.6.74

Elms House Estate construction in the 1920s
showing Davidson Road

Fitzgerald road on the corner with Ravenswood road showing
 a shop conversion from a house on 24.4.1936

Green Lane stables 2nd Dec 1927

Norris Green road in 1906

Prescot road, Old Swan end

The Barracks, West Derby in 1934

The Jolly Miller bomb damage.

Town Row at Bonshall st in 1951 showing kids at L.E. Shillington's shop.

4th November 2014

Broadgreen Hospital maternity ward

Cantril Farm Estate Houses and Flats

Cantril Farm Estate spreading out onto
what was previously farmland

Constructing the roundabout in Dovecot at the Greyhound.

Eagle and Child Page Moss

Finch house estate shops in 1935

Green Lane 1967

Highfield House in 1900

Knotty Ash brewery, East Prescot Road.

Rose and Crown Huyton

St Michaels Church Huyton

The Bluebell

The Harold Davies baths interior in 1958

3rd November 2014

'Coronation Court' - Progress of Construction
on Sparrow Hall Multi-Storey Flats

A Liverpool entrant for the Coronation Horse Parade
in 1953

Internment camp, Huyton n 1940 an internment camp was set
up in Huyton using streets of unoccupied council houses.
As a security measure, German and Austrian nationals
were brought here as internees

Liver Building Clock Tower

Liver Buildings Construction

Liverpool Airport interior

Liverpool Airport

Liverpool Tram Pier Head circa 1940s

Menai Road Bootle prefabs

Old Property in Hatton Garden 1937

Prefabs Besford Road 1953

Prefabs on the edge of Sheil Park, 1947

Prescot Road Ice rink and Casino Cinema - 1959

Water Street and Dale Street

2nd November 2014

2-8 Grove street in 1951

3-15 Kensington - 11.6.1955

Belem Towers 1959

Belmont Road SE view with St Margarets on the left, 1950

Beloe St 1951

Chapel Walks off Castle street in 1956

Christian Street at the top of Hunter Street 1958

Derby Square 1955

Derby Square, 1950. Courtesy of Liverpool Record Office

Duke street 23.2.50

Green Lane bus depot in 1956

Hermia Street Bootle 1950

Liverpools Castle Street fromSt Georges Crescent, decorated
for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Low Hill - 1950

Northumberland Street 1955

Rialto Buildings 1955

Schweppes on Aintree trading estate on 12.11.52

Sefton Park in 1954

St Georges Hall 1950

St Marys rd 1952

1st November 2014

A group of children outsideThe Food and Betterment Association
later The League of Welldoers in Limekiln Lane

Chapel St. junction with New Quay and Princes pub
opposite St Nicholas Church 1925

Church St and Hanover Street 14th. November 1947

Church St. 1930's

Clayton Square 15th. June 1888

Compton House St Peters Church (opposite) just visible (left)

Downe Street 1927

Gully flushing 1897 a court

Gully flushing 1897

Mitford Street 21st June 1949

Park Lane - Kent St. 1900

Parry's Toy Shop Dale Street 1890.

Scotland Road circa 1911

Scotland Road premises Gore's 1911 Directory.

The Steble Fountain

The Villiers Elliot Street

Walton Vale

Walton Village (no date)

Waterloo - South Rd. 1915

William Brown Street at Livesley Place in 1897.

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