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Pics Of The Day October 2014

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Photographs of Liverpool

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31st October 2014

A Busy Church Street c.1960s

Ariel view of the Great George Street area showing
the 3 streets leading up to the cathedral.

Hanover st from College Lane in 1948,

Liverpool Cathedral aerial shot 1950

Lord Street 1908

Mersey Ferries Terminal 1958

NEMS Whitechapel c.1960s

Parker Street 1947

Prescot St in 1934 to Welcome the King and Queen
for the opening of the Queensway tunnel

St Johns Gardens 1965

30th October 2014

Boys' Brigade battalions march past the Lord Mayor of
Liverpool in Lime Street in 1943

Cars Parked on Williamson Square

Liverpool Stadium

Overhead Railway at the front of James street station strand street
suffering bomb damage from the may blitz

Overhead Railway Bridge in Liverpool 1955 ©Trinity Mirror

Overhead Railway Carriage

Queues outside the Canon (Forum) Cinema Lime Street

Rocket roundabout from Bowring Park, in October, 1964.

Sefton Park Winter scene

St John’s Lane during the morning rush-hour 1968

Water Street from The Town Hall balcony, 1958

29th October 2014

Doman and Lott Woolton cars

Overhead Railway Wapping Dock

The Goree Piazza 1929

The Old Hutt, Hutt Lane, Hale 1949

Tower Buildings demolition 1907

Tower Bulidings 1908

Town Hall kings visit 1913

Traffic from tunnel 1956

Tunnel Entrance, St. Johns Lane 1947.

Unveiling of H.M. King Edward VII Statue Pier Head 1921

Victoria Memorial - Lord St - 1950

Victoria St GPO 1907.

View across Liverpool from the Municipal Buildings 1913

View of Liverpool from Tower of Municipal Buildings 1913

View of Liverpool Taken from Tower of Municipal Buildings

View of Lord St Castle St Area 1949

Wavertree Road - Picton Road at Railway Bridge 1949

William Brown St 1897.

William Brown St 1905

Williamson Square Theatre Royal building which becam Union Cold Storage

28th October 2014

Castle Street 1925, from John Harrison

Castle Street 1948, from John Harrison

Great Howard street 1968_

Haigh Street

Hawke street looking towards Brownlow Hill 1966

Islington - 19th April 1961

Islington at Fraser st in 1961

James Street station, post WWII

James Street

London road 1967

Mauretania in dry dock in Liverpool

Pier Head 1950.

Scandinavian Church, 1968.

St Anne street at Islington 1966

St. Georges Crescent bottom of Lord Street 1927

The Albert Dock. Courtesy of John Quirk

The Goree Piazza with the White Star Shipping Line
Building on the right.

Upper Milk street 6th February 1975

An Early Birkenhead Ferry

27th October 2014

Blitz Damage Lord Street

Byrom Hall opposite Great Crosshall Street.
The polytechnic was built behind it in 1957-58

Byrom St. 1927

Byrom Street, corner of Cuerden st 1931

Clayton Street behind the William Brown Street
Museum and Library, pictured on 3rd March 1927

Dickson Terrace, Soho Street c.1930's

Emergency Water Supply (EWS) Paradise Street

Gerard Street 1930s

Overhead Railway at the Pier Head

Robson Street, Walton Breck Road 1975

Roosvelt Drive Aintree

West Derby Village c.1900

26th October 2014

Bamber Street 121-97 August 1964

Boundary st 1972. Crosfields animal feeds

Boundary st warehouse demolition in 1972

Boundary street - 1972

Breck Road 120-128 23rd January 1964

Breck Road 130-142 on 23rd January 1964

Breckfield Road North Nos 166-176 taken in 1967

Breckside Ambulance depot

Commercial Road 17.10.66

Commercial road and the B.A.T. 1972

Commercial Road by the Sandhills bridge pub on 17.10.66

Commercial Road prefabs at the bottom of Gt Mersey street in 1972

Crown Street No 142 31st August 1965

Flats in Pitt Street 1948

High Park Street 11th October 1967

High Park Street on 11th October 1967

Rear view of the Campfield Hotel 70 Breck Road, 23rd January 1964

The Queens Vaults Whitefield Road and Newlands Street
23rd January 1964

Warwick Gardens December 1938

Warwick Gardens in December 1938

25th October 2014

Brownlow Hill.late 1950s

Codmans Punch and Judy New Brighton

Looking toward Commutation Row from St Georges Hall

Mulberry st looking north 1961

Pier Head viewed from onboard a ship

Playhouse 1972

Port of liverpool building 1920,s

Ranelagh Street 1890

Salthouse dock

Sewards Hatton Garden

24th October 2014

A photograph of St Johns Lane with the Stork Hotel
still standing in the background.

Auxiliary Fire Service at Matthew-Arnold-School

Burlington Street

Field st leading to Salisbury st off Everton brow. 1968

Fire on the site for the proposed St Johns Precinct c. 1960s

Freeman Lloyd Sugar Mill Limekiln Lane

Gerard Street 1927

Islington - 19th April 1961

Lizzie Christian Photograph © Stephen Shakeshaft

London road 1967

London Road riot damage following the Police Strike 1919

Looking from Scotland Road towards
Byrom Street 1971

New flats in Vestock St of Blenhiem St 1920

Rickman Street Liverpool 4, 1972

Rockley Street, 1973.

Sir Thomas White Gardens.

South Castle Street from the Victoria Monument

St Johns Precinct and Concourse House under construction c.1960s

The number 11 tram passes in front of Owen Owens
store Clayton square.

Woodstock Gradens

23rd October 2014

British Restaurants were set up in a variety of different premises
such as schools and church halls and in premises beneath
housing in Byrom Street and Myrtle Street, Liverpool

Carter boys of Edge Hill during the 1911 Transport strike

Castle Street and the Town Hall

Childwall Fiveways circa 1960s

Falkner street 6th March 1934

Great Crosshall street at Hatton Garden junction
on 21st Dec 1935

Lambeth rd showing the vacant site of 77-81 near Harcourt st
on 16.6.70

Liverpool Old Adelphi 1908

Old Liverpool Pubs, United Powers Cheapside

St Georges Hall 1887

St Georges Hall from the Wellington Monument (no date)

St Johns Lane Jun 9th 1920

The kitchen and serving staff at The Cross Keys, Earle Street,
Liverpool 3. ©JellesFfonk

Upstairs at The Cross Keys, Earle Street, Liverpool 3.
 ©Jelles Ffonk

Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales in September 1881
to open the newly built Alexandra Dock.

Wellington column, an intersting, if not very clear, photograph
of the fountain, the column and Commutation Row. (no date)

West Derby Road new dual carriageway work. 1968.

West Derby Road towards Belmont Road 1969

William Brown Street (no date)
Winter st off low hill 1910

22nd October 2014

Clarence Dock Power Station

Great Howard Street c.1960s

Kings Regiment War Memorial St Johns Gardens

Langtry Road and Melrose Road 1972

Lewis's Liverpool 1904

Nova Scotia district of Mann Island

Overhead Railway at James Street

Overhead Railway Terminus, Crosby Rd, Seathforth c1910

Owen Owen Corner Parker St and Houghton St

Parker Street Liverpool circa 1949

Pier Head landing stage c.1980s

Pier head 1880`s.

Ranalagh Street in 1957

staff from Burroughs Gardens Bath and Laundry taken late
1940- early 1950, Photograph courtesy of John Murphy

Tarleton Street in 1970

The Lambeth public house, Lambeth Road 1976

The sailors Home Canning Place with Steers House to the left

Tunnel William Brown St c1940s

Watmough Street L3, on 22.6.1959

William Brown Street c.1960s

21st October 2014

Bowring Park Terminus 1957

Castle St

Church St 1940

Empress of Scotland at Liverpool landing stage
1956 Photo from Ken Smith

Exchange Flags

Houghton Street 1964

Link Line boat from the oil mill roof of J. Bibby and Sons.
1961 © Robert Irvine

Mersey Tunnel

Pam Twigg say's, This is my Nan and her sister Flo in
Tegit Street, with Queens Road and I think Shakespear Street
 to the right and Spencer Street to the left.

Pier Head c.1956 Photo from Ken Smith

Pier Head

Princess half-tide-dock, a Cunarder and the New Brighton Ferry
from the roof of J. Bibby and Sons. 1961 © Robert Irvine

Queen Victoria Monument 1906

R M S Franconia in the mersey 1956
Photo from Ken Smith

St Georges Hall circa late 1950s -1960s

Tarleton Street Church Street 1957.

Tate & Lyle's from the roof of J. Bibby and Sons. 1961
© Robert Irvine

The Liver Building from the roof of J. Bibby and Son
above Waterloo Dock. 1961
© Robert Irvine

The new St Margarets church Belmont Road being built
Photo From Derek Moore

Water Street from the Town Hall

20th October 2014

A celebration at Dingle House, Dingle Mount, in the 1970s.

A photograph of the old Lime St shops

Ambulance at the Upper Stanhope Street Depot circa 1950s

Blitz damage at Canada Dock Overhead Railway station
May 1941.

Briardale Road 1926

Garston Docks 1897 from Jim Fallon

Kilgraston Estate Aigburth Road 1933

Once the smallest house in Britain, 95
The High Street, Wavertree, Liverpool,
1912. Measured 6 by 14 ft.

Shops on Wavertree High Street at the turn of the century.

The Liver buildings shown on the left here were
completed in 1911.

19th October 2014

Bankhall with Strand poster, 1960

Dean Road and Kensington, 1960

Dean Road and Kensington, 1961

Imperial Cinema, Bootle, 1959

Mould Street, with Schofields water tower 1960

Myrtle Street and Mulberry Street, 1961

Paddington and Brownlow Hill, 1952

Paddington, 1952

Park Road, towards the Dingle 1960

Peel Rd Cowper St Boswell St, Bootle photo taken
from St Joan of Ark Church 1960

Prescot Road, 1952

Richmond Sausages, Linacre Rd, Litherland

St. Mary's Road & Bowden Road, 1959

St.Martin's Cottages, 1954

St.Mary's Road, Garston, 1959

Stanley Road & Scotland Road, 1952

Stanley Road and Scotland Road, 1952

Ted's Snack Bar, Kensington, 1948

Warbreck Moor, Aintree, 1959

Woolton Motors, Woolton Village, 1960

18th October 2014

A cabin in the Sailor's Home, photographed in 1939

Aerial view of Netherly Flats 1981

A Postcard showing The
Sailors Home  1905

Byrom Street c. 1960s

Entrance to Stanley Dock by W Herdman c.1864

Hope Street, the Philharmonic Pub and Catholic Cathedral,

Liverpool's skyline in 1970.

Pier Head in 1967.

Pier Head in 1967

Queen's Square and the Stork Hotel, 1920s

Queen's Square, with the rear of St Georges Hall showing
to the left of the photograph. late 1960s

Queens Drive at Childwall Priory Road 1944

Sayers vans lined up ready for work

South Castle Street looking towards the Customs House
around 1910

St. John's Gardens 1967

St. Peter's seen in 1919, not long before it was demolished

Swiss Watch Company School Lane

The Bluecoat Charity School, now Bluecoat Chambers, taken from
the Garden of St Peters Church on Church Street

The Liver beacon Lane c.1960s

The Playhouse Theatre and busy taxi rank in
Williamson Square in 1987

17th October 2014

Aigburth Road taken from Parkfield Road 24.3.1964

Blitz damage at Canada Dock Overhead Railway station
May 1941.

Bold St Lyceum 1974

Central Station 1967

Construction work on the Liver Building 1908.

Construction work on the Mersey Tunnel 12th March 1930

Derby Square Liverpool

Early Postcard of Lime Street

Lawrence Road, 1905

Lower Breck Road 1972

Mayfair Cinema Aigburth Road c.1960's

Monastery Road Townsend Lane 1972

Pier Head 1960

Probe, photograph from Kevin Curran

Spellow Lane Walton

St Georges Crescent 1900

St Johns church St Johns Gardens

Student 'Rag' Dale Street 1960

Wapping and the Overhead Railway

Wartime picture of RN Hospital Seaforth

16th October 2914
1928 Birthday party on Wesley Street, Liverpool 8.
Photo Anne Morris-Dadson

Aigburth Road

Ariel view of Shaw street and Islington,

Bunneys Church street, posted by Ann O'Neill

Duke Street and the River from the Cathedral
© Jim Diamond

Goree Piazzas July 16th 1931, photo from Ian Rollins

LIVERPOOL CORPORATION 293 built in 1939 in the Edge Lane
Works specially painted for the final week of tramcar operation in the city.
Photo © Robert Irvine

Liverpool Eighties Skyline photo from David Baylis

Old Haymarket from Dave Patten

Old liverpool atlantean bus.Taken in Birkenhead circa 1980s.
Photo David Lynsey

Overhead at James Street circa 1920s from Dave Patten

Port of Liverpool Building from the Albert Dock c.1980
© Jim Diamond

Rain shower and rainbow over the crown pub,stopgate lane.
Taken in november 2002.Pub was knocked down not long
after this pic was taken. Photo David Lynsey

Rockingham street lads after match on the oller back of
Flinders street liverpool 5, photo Fred Treacy

The Beatles and the liverpool city police band 1964 Tony Devitt

The first domed roof car 778 introduced in 1934, at the Pier Head
during the early 1950’s. Painting by G.S.Cooper. © Robert Irvine

The Three Graces from the old Overhead Railway Arch
© Jim Diamond

Top of Rockingham street Kirkdale l5 about 1965,
photo Fred Treacy
Our Lady and St Nicholas
the Seamens Church

15th October 2014

Anglican Cathedral from the Canning
Half-Tide Dock 1982

Another hydraulic tower that long stood in Canada Dock.
It was tragically destroyed in an air raid in 1941.

Central Station 1912.

Chorley Street and Water Street India Buildings
was later built on the site

Holland Place Edge Hill circa 1910.

Interior of Clubbs Chemist, 1932. Corner of Smithdown
and Arundel Avenue with thanks to Steven Walsh

Kensington 1906

Liver Building 1911

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral from Berry Street 1982

New Brighton showing the tower being dismanteled,
circa 1920.

Parker street 1955

Prince's Dock sheds 1983

Rationing Year calendar for period May 1953 -
 May 1954 showing the year divided into
thirteen 4 week periods

Roe st - May 1951

Rothwell Street Everton

Royal Liver Building 1912

Ashfield cottages

The Victoria Monument 1953 for the Queens Coronation.

Town Hall 1953

Vernons Pools 1958

14th October 2014 

1899 Laying the tramway in Alfred Place Park Road
Liverpool 8

1900 Sefton General Hospital

1910 Elanor Rathbone at a womens Suffrage shop

1911 Transport strike 18th Hussars camping on Edge Lane

1923 Loading Palm Oil at Toxteth Dock

1930 Shops and dairy on Aigburth Road

Bootle bomb damage during the blitz

Canadian troops arrive in 1942

Collapsed house in Lodge Lane 1907

Dickens St 1911

Emmanuel church Stanley rd Bootle which stood on the corner of
Balliol road until the 1960s when it was demolished
after a fire gutted it.

Evacuees at St Michael in the Hamlet station

Irlam rd bootle

Mattew Arnold School 1983

Mulberry St showing the Myrtle Pub

Park Rd 1911

Peel Road Bootle from St Joans church

Playing outside the Anglican Cathedral

St Charles RC School 1969

13th October 2014

Astoria Walton Rd and Flemings 1973

Byrom Street

Church Street c.1950s

Church Street taken from Ranelagh Street
with Parker Street on the right

Cranes and the Hanover Hotel (right)

Dale Street towards the Old Haymarket

Everton Brow

Hanover Street

Hatton Garden

Hunter Street towards Byrom Street now
the site of the Flyover

Littlewoods Church Street Construction

Littlwoods new Church Street store on the corner of
Church Alley, scaffolding still up on Spinney House

London Road from Commutation Row

Looking towards Scotland Road from Byrom Street

Old Haymarket

Scotland Road

Smithdown Place

Smithdown Road at Crawford Avenue

Smithdown Road towards the City

Whitechaple towards Paradise Street, Philip Son and Nephew
on the right, NEMS and Tylers and Timothy Whites on the left

12th October 2014

Aigburth Road 1970s

Aigburth Vale (no date)

Beaumont Street on 27th November 1967

Binns Road area 1979

Childwall Abbey-1905

Essex Street Fire Station 1951

Jane Terrace and the ventilation shaft for a
goods train track that went from Edge Hill
station to the north end docks

Kinglake Street (no date)

Lark Lane (no date)

Liverpool corporation tramways depot on Edge Lane

Aigburth Road at Liverpool Cricket Club 

Old Airport Terminal

Original Liverpool Airport interior

Original Liverpool Airport

Philharmonic 1890

Princess Road 1921

The Cathedral from Great Georges Place

Ullett Road Smithdown Road Junction 1955

Upper Parliament Street 1900

Upper Parliament Street 1950

11th October 2014

A 14C Bus on Lime Street 1974
Bennett's Haulage and Warehousing, Brunswick Street 1920s

County Road at Neston Street March 1973

George 3rd monument London Road 1921

Hygeia st showing Nos 55-57 on 16th April 1935

Nos 1 to 6, 12 Court, Johnson Street

Number 6 Court in Comus Street

Sir Thomas Street in January 1961

The landing stage in 1951

Tithebarn st at5 Bixteth st - Dec 1950

10th October 2014

1934 The Barracks West Derby

Broadgreen Abbey Public House Hotel on Broadgreen Road,
this bulding was a victim of the new M62 Mororway.

Cedardale Road Walton circa.1906

Childrens Day Parade 1922 taken fromMiranda Road
showing the march in Argos Road.

David Lewis Hostel And Club, Great George Street,
showing the interior and the Theatre
September 1904 ©English Heritage

Digby Street October 1967

Dunbabin Road Queens Drive 1934

Green Lane Prescot Road junction circa. 1914.

High Park Street 11th October 1967

Interior view of the trading hall of the Cotton Exchange.
The Cotton Exchange was built in 1906 to the designs of
Matear and Simon,©English Heritage

Liverpool Strike 1911 Tramwaymens Procession

Open air service in the slums', Clive street, 1900s

Postcard, The Aviary at Newsham Park, early 1900s

St Cyprian Edge Lane circa 1900

Thatched Cottage on either Higher or Lower Lane
Fazakerly circa, 1916.

The bottom of Everton Valley Kirkdale, taken on 5th July 1973.

The interior of the offices in the Prudential Assurance Building
in Dale Street, looking towards the service counter.
September 1907

The original classical south-west facade of Liverpool's
Cotton Exchange. The Cotton Exhange building
on Old Hall Street, July 1907

9th October 2014

Anglican Cathedral

Bon Marche Church Street

Bottom of Lord Street and Derby Square
Blitz Damage

Bus opposite the Rialto

Central Hall and the Bee motorcycle showrooms

Cotton Exchange Old Hall Street 1963

Customs House following blitz damage

Dale Street and the Town Hall

Hanover Street towards Church Street

Hanover Street 

Horne Bros now Mc Donalds on Lord Street

Lewis's early photograph

Mann Island

Overhead Railway the Stand and Goree

Soldiers Marching along Tithebarn Street

St Georges Place Lime Street

St Georges Plateau toward Lime Street

St Johns Beacon Construction

Water Street Pictured from below the
overhead Railway on the Goree
Water Street Pictured from the Goree

8th October 2014

Arnside Street 1909

Bowood Street Toxteth 1909

Bungalows Menlove Avenue 1929

Children at the Steble Fountain in 1890

Church Street January sales 1965. The
Tatler cartoon Cinema (left)

Crosfield Rd , Edge Hill

Downe St, Liverpool 3.

Downe St, Liverpool 3.

Everton Road shops prior to demolition

Goldsmith Street Liverpool 6,
Family home 1972

Holly Street 1914

Hope Valley Primary school then known as Major Lester 1912

Hughes Street, L6 in 1956

Junction of Mere Lane with Breckfield Road North
and Robson St. Seen here in 1937

Landings leading to Everton Terrace

London Road with workmen at the Legs of Mann and the
Odeon prior to its metal cladding

Municipal Annexe formerly the Conservative Club 1954

RP Dalglish Pawn Shop Ellison Street 

Steps leading to Everton Terrace

The Palais De Luxe, Lime st which was
practically facing the Futurist

7th October 2014

Breck Road 1966

Castle Street following the May Blitz

Gaumont cinema 1967

Islington 1905

Lionel Street 1905

Netherly Estate, ariel View (no date)

Rosebery Street, off Granby Toxteth 1907

Salthouse Dock circa 1900s

Shaw Street 1954

Troops at St Georges Hall Liverpool City Police strike 1919

6th October 2014

Aberdeen Street 10th October 1967

Breck Road Nos 120 - 126 23 January 1964

Brunswick Dock with Harrison steamships, early 20th Century

Canning dock circa 1840

Canning Dock, circa 1900

Cross Keys Newlands Street Gleave Street on 10 January 1964

Dock Road, early 20th Century

Eldon Street dwellings nearing completion

Mackenzie Street No 68 23rd January 1964

Newly built houses Clubmoor Estate (no date)

Queens Drive and Walton Hall Avenue, (no date)

SS Inventor, Harrison Line

Salthouse Dock, late 19th Century

St. Georges Dock, late 19th Century

The Stingo 11th October 1967

Townsend Avenue 23rd July 1926

Warwick Gardens 1938.

Warwick Gardens 1938.

Windsor Grove number 8 on 10th February 1964
Whitefield Road number 46, 23 January 1964

5th October 2014

A Busy Church Street c.1960s

Ariel view of the Great George Street area showing
the three streets leading up to the cathedral.

Hanover st from College Lane in 1948,

Lime Street 1890

Liverpool Cathedral aerial shot 1950

Lord Street 1908

Mersey Ferries Terminal 1958

NEMS Whitechapel c.1960s

Original Church House Lord Street South John Street

Parker Street 1947

Prescot St in 1934 to Welcome the King and Queen for
the opening of the Queensway tunnel

St Johns Gardens 1965

Steble Fountain c.1930s

The St James Cinema St James Street

Tunnel Entrance c1960s

4th October 2014

Boundary Street Liverpool 5

Alexandra pub on Breckfield Road North in 1967

Anderson Street 8th April 1959

Beacon Lane 13th July 1967

Beacon lane former orphanage in 1967

Bostock St and Kew st rears on 3rd October 1966

Limekiln Lane prefabs in 1970

The Clock Richmond Row Drinkwater Gardens

Thirlmere Road 10th March 1969

Westminster Rd at Archer Street, 1954

3rd October 2014

15-21 Latimer Street. L5, 1955

Ash bin emptying c.1900

Blacklers and Gt Charlotte street wartime blitz damage.

Blacklers and Lewis's gutted during air raids.

Bradewell Street 1959

Church St with Paradise St on the right,
taken from Lord St 1947

Corner of Easby Road and Rollo Street June 1970

Dryburgh Street 1959

East Prescot road flood in 1976. This pic was taken
near the Lord Nelson pub

Eaton Gardens 10.6.74

Eaton Road Nos 103-107 at Marfield Road - 18.8.75

Lime Street

Lisburn Lane in 1975

Overhead Railway removal in 1957

Scotland Road at Hornby Street and Tenterton st

St Johns Precinct under contruction

The Adelphi Hotel

Walton Lane with Goodison Road left

West Derby Road 1913

Whitley Street, off Great Howard Street in 1969

2nd October 2014

April 1963 and Scotland Road
windmill is on fire

Belmont Road 77-85 at Castor Street on 13th April 1966

Eldon Grove - April 1972
photo from Ged Fagan

Hood street towards Whitechapel on 15th April 1929

Liver Buildings photographed mid 1970s

Men at work pointing and cleaning the Welsford Porch of
Liverpool Cathedral in April 1937 ,

Mersey Tunnel 1970s

Myrtle street circa 1960s

Pier Head c.1960s

Ribble bus Liverpool 1970

St Oswalds old school. 1st April 74

Stork Hotel, Queen Square, Liverpool, 1960s

Titanic survivors aboard the Carpathia,
April 1912

West Derby village Hall - Town Row
on 10th April 1975

1st October 2014 

A flooded West Derby Road pictured
from Stimpsons Garage c.1960s

Clubmoor, Townsend Lane Liverpool 1972

Desmond Street Liverpool 6 off Heyworth Street

Lee Hall. Liverpool. 1956.

Monastary Road, Townsend Lane 1972

PalaisDeLuxe Lime Street

Priory Road, Anfield with dairy on corner of Skipton Road.

Priory Road, Anfield

Stimpsons Garage West derby Road

Townsend Lane 1912

Townsend Lane 1972

30th September 2014

52 Latimer Street September 1934

Branthwaite Close Norris Green 30th October 1953

Bridge down to the landing stage

Byrom Street 2nd June 1927

Byrom Street 2nd June 1927

Car parked outside Stanley house ,Melrose house in background
and Melrose road buildings. The wash house is on the right
of the picture, taken on 25th June 1953

Cases Street

Church street ready for pedestrianisation 1974

Duch Farm Allotment 26th October 1953

Exchange Station, Tithebarn St. 1974

Flats between Cranmer Street an Boundary Street
June 1953

Green Lane at West Derby Road 6th April 1954

Liitlewoods Church Street under construction
11th April 1954

Rockinham Street Aspinall Street
10th August 1954

Standish street  (no date).

29th September 2014

A Bootle street near Peel Road, possibly Grey Street,1951

A new Croxteth estate, 1963

Gerard Close, Photo Gerard Fagan

Karonga Way, Fazakerly, 1963

Lily Green, Cherry Lane estate, 1961

Lime Street (no date).

Meadows Garage, Prescot Road, 1961

New stands at Aintree Racecourse, 1951

Norris Green 1939. © Barry Craig

Northumberland Street 1973 © Steve Graham

Orrel Park, 1946

Pier Head 1973 ©Steve Graham

Queens Drive, Walton 1957

Stanley Road & Latham Street, 1952

Tesco Supermarket on Allerton Road, 1962

Tichbourne Terrace c.1935

Tram on Prescot Road

Vauxhall Gardens

Vienna Street Anfield Blitz Damage

Walton Prison c.1918

28th September 2014

Church Street 1900s postcard

Church Street showing a YMCA building (left)
where Littlewoods was later built

Clayton Square 1923, this shows the right hand side of the square
where Owen Owen was later built. You can just make out the
Beaty Bro's store at the end of Parker Street on Church Street.

Dale Street 1908 Exchange Street East on the left.

Exchange Flags 1903

Goree Piazzas 1913 Tower Building (left)

Gt charlotte Street Blacklers 1955

Lime Street Elliott Street junction pre-Forum
with Blacklers (right)

Moorefields 1955

New Quay 1955

North John Street 1948

Pierhead 1880`s.

Princes Landing Stage 1974

Ranalagh Street in 1957

Seacombe Ferry

27th September 2014

1960 38 Northway Wavertree Liverpool 15,
from Alison Joyce Baldwin

Arden St from Bevington Bush on 29.3.70 showing the connecting
bridge belonging to Arden House salvation army hostel.

Bolton st 23.11.61 looking past the Ribble bus
station towards the Adelphi Hotel

Bond Street off Limekiln Lane c.1960s

Byrom St 1970

Byrom Street - 1966

Canterbury street on 20th June 1955

Dickson Terrace, Soho Street c.1930's

Eldon St 1910

Harlow Street to Park Road 1970, from John Harrison

Manchester Street 1964, © John Harrison.

Mill Street Health Centre 1968, from John Harrison

 Beatrice (nee Bailey) and
William Stewart of Liverpool

Not the oldest pic to be posted. This pics from the early 1980s shows
 the cleaners from Alder Hey hospital where my mum worked.
Anyone recognise themselves or relatves, phoo from
Dave Foy

William Brown Street 1948

26th September 2014

A view along the Strand, 1966

Baby Grand Tram at the Pier Head

Berry Street, 1940s

Brunswick Railway goods office, Sefton street
on the South Dock Road - 1976.

Childwall Road, Wavertree, 1970

Church Street, 1940

County Road 1975

Jacobs Biscuits, Scotland Road, 1935

Liver Buildings photographed mid 1970s

Lord Street circa 1959

Motorman at the controls of Tramcar No 683 on a
Number 1 service to the Pierhead circa 1940s

Old Haymarket 1960s

Overhead Railway photographed from the Goree looking
up Water Street in May 1955

Overhead Railway photographed circa 1950's

Prescot Road 1987

Smithdown Road, Wavertree, 1935

The number 1 bus which replaced the Liverpool
Overhead Railway service along the dock road

The Royal Iris at the landing stage with work on the Post and Echo
building going on behind. The Echo building was
completed in 1974.

Village Street, Everton, 1927

Woodcroft Road, Wavertree, 1907

25th September 2014

Cazneau Street Market

Children fishing in Sefton Park

Derby Road Bridge 22nd May 1894 the route
from Seaforth to the Pier Head

Gladstone Dock Fire 1949

Landing Stage early postcard

Liverpool City Mission Admiral Street (no date)

Liverpool Scottish Regiment parade along
Lime Street in 1945

Lord Street decorated for the visit of
Edward VII in 1904

North Market Liverpool in 1935

St John's Gardens, St Johns Lane side showing the original railings
that were probably removed for the war effort.
photo Ged Fagan

The Clock Everton Road

The original Empire Theater opened
by the Prince Of Wales in 1866

The original Tower Building and Prison Weint at the
foot of Water Street in 1900

WVS providing tea on 18th March 1941

24th September 2014

Albert dock early 80s © Colin Tittle

Beatle City Seel st © Colin Tittle

Gangway Pier head © Colin Tittle

Inside the White Star Line building James Street

Kings Regiment War Memorial St Johns Gardens

Liverpool Bunneys Whitechapel Church Street Corner 1905

Liverpool Castle Street circa 1908

Liverpool Mersey Tunnel entrance early 1960

Liverpool St Johns Gardens early 20th Century

Midland Hotel Cases St Ranelagh St

Owen Owen Corner Parker St and Houghton St

Parker Street Liverpool circa 1949

Town Hall Liverpool Royal visit by the King, 1923

Tunnel William Brown St c1940s

Victoria Street 1936

23rd September 2014

Air Raid Shelter Bunk Beds 1942 LRO

Air Raid shelter removal - 1945

Appeal for Ordinance Factory Workers, outside the Town Hall

Corporation Infant Welfare, School Milk Deliveries

Georges Dock 1871

HMS Hydrangea showing wartime alterations

Hunter Street towards Byrom Street
now the road alongssde of the Flyover

Munitions Factory

Pier Head Air Raid shelters-1948

Ruins of Toffee Shop Everton Brow c.1884 the shop
was established by Molly Bushell in 1753

Salthouse Dock 1880

Scotland Road 1908

The Florence Institute 1890

William Brown Street Air Raid Shelters 1945

Women Street Cleaners near Hunter Street March 21st 1916

22nd September 2014

1954 Odeon Cinema London Road

A brilliant photograph of the Liverpool Overhead Railway
being dismantled 1958, ©Les Rogers

Barbers Shop in Richmond Row circa 1900.

Bold Street from St Lukes Church circa 1900s

Cable laying in North John Street
on 2nd March 1935

City Centre, St Georges Hall Area,c.1950s

Curzon Old Swan Liverpool 09-09-84

Early photograph of the Anglican Cathedral under construction

Fazakerley L10 - Houses on Karonga, Harrismith, Ladysmith, Manica,
Montrovia and Delagoa Roads being constructed,
July 1927. Photo Michael Walsh

Liverpool Overhead Railway 1958, ©Les Rogers

Liverpool Road Crosby circa 1916.

Mann Island with St. Georges church in the background,
looking towards James st. The White Star Line Building
later built on the left of the photo

Old Haymarket and the Tunnel

Pier Head , Old Tower Buildings , c.1890's

Prescot Street looking towards London Road

Rear of number 16 Upper Hill Street
house and shop, (no date)

St Georges Crescent looking towards Lord Street in1905.

Stour Street (no date)

The Old Stingo Vaults at the corner of
Robsart Street and Netherfield Road

Waterloo Crosby Motor Services bus at the junction of
Little Crosby Road and Liverpool Road circa 1926.

21st September 2014

1914 A crowd stands on the quayside as the Cunard Liner
Aquitania leaves Liverpool on her maiden voyage
on the 30th May 1914

Albert Dock c1970

Boarding the Aureol at Liverpool Pier Head 1960

Cunard liner Ivernia in Canada Dock,
Liverpool, July 1955

Dockside in front of Tower Building

Early Ferry Boat on the Mersey

Florence Holt in the Mersey

Landing stage

Lighhouse on River Wall of Mersey,
Opposite New Brighton. 1880

Loading the post onto Aureol in Liverpool 1960

Lusitania in the Mersey River off Liverpool,

Mauretania in dry dock in Liverpool

Paddle Steam Ferry at the Landing Stage

Pilot cutter Edmund Gardner An old picture
of the ship on the Mersey......

S.S. Celtic is pictured at the landing stage in Liverpool
when this White Star liner was in regular
service sailing from Liverpool.
The Celtic was launched on April 4, 1901

The BRITANNIC alongside her berth in Liverpool Docks

The Carinthia at the Landing Stage

The GEORGIC leaving Liverpool on her
maiden voyage to New York

The Royal Iris

The royal daffodil on a very stormy Mersey

20th September 2014

1911 Transport strike armoured car in Hatton Garden

1911 Transport strike

Bold Street. 1958

Buses at the Old Haymarket terminus

Church Street from Hanover Street 1912

Cleveland Square Coronation Decorations 1937.

Crosshall st at the corner of Dale st (no date)

Derby Lane, Old Swan

Dongarth, moored at the Liverpool landing stage on Saturday 12th.April 1958.

Great Charlotte St with the Royal Court (left) circa 1949

Leather Lane, off Dale Street, Liverpool circa 1968

Liverpool Mersey Tunnel opening 1934,
the royal car arriving.

Liverpool Scottish on Lime Street 1945

Myrtle street circa 1960s

New Brighton pier (no date)

Queens Drive 15th January 1967 © J D Rogers

Queens Drive Baths. 1967 ©J D Rogers

Roe Street Gyratory 1994

Walton Road at Fountains Road circa 1960s

Yates Tarleton Street circa 1960s

20th September 2014
More photographs later

A 1946 photograph of
Liverpool Town Hall

Ambulance at the Upper Stanhope Street
Depot circa 1950s

In this 1950s photograph two men on a platform
with a camera are filming in North John Street.

Liverpool Waterfront 1947

Mersey Tunnel Construction

Mersey Tunnel, plasterers at work

St Paul's eye hospital

The former Horne Bro's menswear store on the corner
of Lord Street and Paradise Street, now McDonalds.

The landing stage in 1951

The Royal Liver Building under construction

19th September 2014

Adding the new domes to
the Playhouse

Construction of St. George's Hotel and
St John's Precinct c.1960s

Construction work South John Street Lord street
on the site of Liverpool's original Church House

Demolition of St Margarets Belmont Road
Rocky Lane following a fire

Equipment being loaded onto cargo ships
bound for the USA in the 50's

Harding Street Liverpool 7, 1934

Hessey's Stanley Street, circa 1970's

Houghton Street Liverpool 1, circa 1908

Hydrocon Hamilton Crane erecting the Christmas tree
for the festive period in Clkayton Square c.1967 or later

James Street, blitz damage to the station 1941

Liverpool docks

Lord street circa 1950

Riverside Station and Princes Landing Stage
circa 1914

Shops in Broadway Norris Green in 1937

St Pauls Square 1968

The BELLEVILL from OSLO at Liverpool docks ,
the top deck full with military vehicles that are on their way
back to the USA the date of the photo is about mid 50's

The Sailors Home in 1953

The original Cotton Exchange
Old Hall Street

The structure going up for the new St Margarets Church,
looking along Rocky Lane towards Tuebrook

Walton Hall Park Gardens, Breeze Hill - 1951

18th September 2014

Allerton Cemetery Chapel building - 1911

Bond Street off Limekiln Lane c.1960s 001

Eldon Grove 1969

Kirkby Station, Glover's Brow. 1970's

Kirkdale Road, 1952

Lime Street 1964

Listeng to a speaker at the Pier Head c.1960s

Looking for shoes in Paddys Market Cazneau Stree

Newsham Park avairy - 1906

Peoples march for jobs c.1980s © Colin Tittle

A happy smiling Rag Man © Liverpool Picture Post

Renshaw Street Woods Cycles, St. Luke's Place.
next door to Dixon Philips Jewelers
This is now a Sainsburys Local

Royal Ordinance Factory Kirkby Propaganda
display Board. 1940's
telling the workers
we were winning the war

Royal Ordinance Factory Kirkby, Store. 1940's

Sefton Cottage, Kirkby Row. 1970's.

St Johns Gardens and Liverpool Museum1965

St. James' Place, 1952

St. Mary's Road, Garston, 1959

Stock car Racing, Kirkby Town FC.
Simonswood Lane. 1970's.

The Goat (Goats Head) Kirkdale Road

17th September 2014 (Part 2)

Ash Grove off Picton Road, Wavertree 1970

Ballantrae Road off Mather Avenue 21st July 1971

Bentham Drive - Childwall, 6th December 1971

Clayton Square 1969.

County Road at Neston Street March 1973

Elizabeth Street Liverpool 7- 1955

Futurist and Scala Cinemas, Lime Street,

Harding Street 1934

Holt Road 1970

Leigh Street From Parker Street 1925

Lime Street circa 1968.

Lime street, Ribble Buses

Lord Street, outside British Home Stores, circa 1970s.

May Day, Dale Street, outside the
Magistrates Courts,Liverpool 1907

May Day, Wellington Monument 1907

Peach st towards Walnut st

Rear of the flats on Virgil Street, from
Collingwood Street, on 7th October 1952

The TGWU - HQ on the corner of
Christian Street and Islington

Tram on Byrom street.

Tysons Construction working on the Littlewoods building
in Old Hall Street, photographed from Great Howard Street.

Vauxhall road 1950

17th September 2014 (Part 1)

Alcocks buildings Kirkdale Netherfield Road North
numbers 133 -135 at Gordon st

Ann Fowlers, no date,
Liverpool Records Office

Arnside Street 1909

Blind School Hardman Street Hope Street 1929

Children outside a shop in Richmond Row

Childrens Infirmary Mulberry Street 1906

Cleaning the floor in the dining hall at the
Seamens Orphanage 1890'S

Court in Saltine Street 1906

David Lewis Northern Hospital Great Howard Street

Dryburgh street Liverpool 4 October 1959

Fazakerly Hospital ward for consumpives 1910

Hogarth Road L4 on 24th February 1972

Medical Officer of health report, Photograph
taken as passageways were
reported to be to narrow

Medical Officer of health report, measuring
width of passageways 1907

Royal Southern Hospital 1906

Scotland Place 1952.

Shops in London Road - 1913

St Anne street at Islington 1966

St Martin Street taken from Limekiln Lane 1970.

Steel Street and Athol Street Gas Works 1972

The Cabbage Hall pub

Westminister Road number 58-62 31st March 1970

Wilmot terrace,Liverpool 6, 1-7a

Woodhouse street 1969

Zante Street Kirkdale Road 15th April 1959.

16th September 2014

An early photograph of the  Entrance to
Caryl Gardens, Liverpool 8. circa 1937

Caryl Gardens February 1937

Crown Street 133-135, 31st August 1965

GPO roof in Victoria Street after an enemy
air raid 1941 © Royal Mail plc

Lime Street 1959.

Lime Street 1959

Lime Street showing Blacklers at Christmas with
St Johns Precinct under construction c.1960s

Liverpool Boys 1943 This photograph was taken by an American
Virgil D Haynes who served in the 38th field hospital in the
UK during WWII. The photograph was dated 1943.

London Road an early photograph looking up
towards Prescot Street

London Road late 50s

Mersey Tunnel opening 1934 looking toward
St Johns Lane © Royal Mail plc

Mersey Tunnel opening decorated mail van
© Royal Mail plc

Ranelagh Street an ealy postcard (no date) showing the
original Lewis's and Adelphi Hotel Buildings

Resovoir Vaults 30-35 Whitefield Road, Liverpool 6.

The Campfield Hotel 70 Breck Road

Back Newlands Street Nos 1-3

The Palace Inn 127 Crown Street

This is a scene at the Pier Head, Liverpool in 1957
 just before the last tram was finally phased out,
Beautifully captured by photographer J. Copland.

Victoria St Post Office Switch Room after
an enemy air raid 1941 © Royal Mail plc

Williamson Sq early 80s

Williamson Square c.1950s.

Williamson Square c.1950s.

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