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Park Hill Reservoir

Half the size of a football pitch, with towering iron columns and soaring arches - it's hard to believe all this was hidden behind derelict Victorian chimneys, empty and unused for over a decade.

Park Hill Rervoir

The Reservoir is perched at the top of High Park Street in Liverpool, the magnificent structure once provided fresh water for the people of the city. With the increasing concerns over public health in the mid-19th Century it was necessary to have a source of clean water and the Toxteth Reservoir was the answer.

The reservoir was built in 1855 and reportedly held more than two million gallons of water before becoming disused. Its walls feature a corner tower, which was part of the mechanism that allowed water to flow into the reservoir. At one time, the only way to get in or out of the reservoir was via the roof. Fortunately, a more accessible entrance has since been made.

Inside the reservoir - cassimages

The reservoir was awarded Grade Two listed status in 1975, now owned by Dingle 2000, the disused reservoir has being marketed to cinema and television industries as a dramatic backdrop for scenes in films, TV dramas and soaps. It has already been used by film companies. Now the building is being looked at  by Cass Associates, who hope to restart plans to turn it into a community centre and boost regeneration in Toxteth. More recent short-term plans include installing beehives and polytunnels to grow food for the local area, a solar panel farm has also been mentioned.

As part of World Heritage month in September 2013 the reservoir was opened to the public for a limited period of time.

Watch the video below:

Open to the public on Friday 12th September as part of Toxteth Town Hall's Heritage Open Day (High Park Street, Dingle) between 10.00am to 3.00pm.And it's all free.


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By Robert F Edwards

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