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Owen Owen Staff Reunion 2013

Owen Owen Reunion at A Hard Days Night Hotel

 Lorraine Buckley
Former staff from Liverpool's old department store, Owen Owen, met for their second reunion on Sunday 15th September 2013. Staff from the former Clayton Square store got together at A Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool to reminisce about their time at the store and meet old friends. The reunion organiser Lorraine Buckley said "we have people here who worked in the store in the 1950's and one lady, Irene Rundle, brought forward her trip to Liverpool from Sydney Australia  just to attend the event".
Owen Owen opened their first store,  a draper’s shop in London Road, in 1868 and eventually moved to the much larger premises in Clayton Square. The store finally closed in 1995.

Amongst the reunion guests were Ian Roger and his wife Hilda, Ian was the Head Chef for Owen Owen and began his career with them in Whitechapel in Liverpool before moving to the store in Clayton Square.  Ian said "I moved there in 1956 and Hilda was a supervisor, we got on very well from the minute we met, so it wasn't long before we got engaged. We later married and we've been married now for fifty one years".

Hilda and Ian Roger

The reunion is set to continue as an annual event and all those who attended had a fantastic time, the guests presented organiser Lorrraine Buckley with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Lorraine said "I would like to thank everyone for coming and A Hard Days Night Hotel for hosting the reunion.

Below are some photographs of guests who attended the reunion.


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By Robert F Edwards
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