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Now and Then Photographs

Some Old Photographs merged with their modern counterparts to give a

Now and Then view !

Albert Dock (Tate Gallery)Then and Now

Alert Dock c1970s and 2011

Astoria Walton Road

Bold Street

Customs House from the Albert Dock

Gerard Gardens

Lord Street

Midland Hotel Cases Street Ranelagh Street

Rotunda Scotland Road Stanley Road junction

Sailors Home

St George's Hall

Government Building, Victoria Street

Castle Street

The Derby Arms

Gerard Gardens

The Kendal Castle

The Strand

The Rotunda

Victoria Street General Post Office

Pitt Street Wartime View

Brunswick Road Islington Junction

Castle Street

Gill Street Then and Now

Dingle Station Park Road Liverpool 8

Great Charlotte Street

London Road2 (1967-2010)

Limekiln Lane towards Blenheim Street Then and Now

Pier Head Then and Now (original colour photo by Joe Neary)

Scotland Road

Shaw Street Now and Then

St Alphonsus Great Mersey Street

St Margarets Belmont Road

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