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The work of Artist - Steven Scholes

An article by Peter Sheils, 'My Liverpool'

Synopsis -Steven Scholes:

A professional Lancashire artist, born 1952, Steven lives on the outskirts of Manchester. He has been painting from an early age, winning his first award at the age of five.

Steven's prolific style was greatly influenced by his grandfather, with whom he used to travel around the city throughout his childhood, appreciating the interesting details of the Victorian and Edwardian Architecture.

Steven has followed these experiences as an inspiration to capture with great effect a recognisable local History in his work, creating vivid street scenes enhanced with spectacular light effects. Bringing together movement and life from this bygone age.

Steven's talent was recognised when in 1974 he was the winner of the Manchester Evening News Art Competition. This was a competition open to professional artists - as well as amateurs. From this, demand for his work increased so much that Steven became a professional artist in 1978. He is now greatly sought after by galleries throughout the country, as well as many private collectors.

The keen eye will notice that it is always 4.05pm in Steven's paintings, this is not only due to the fact that Steven likes to evoke Winter's evening rush, but also pays homage to Steven's own life, 4.05pm was a time when walking home from school Steven had time to day-dream, to free his artistic mind from the rigidity of school life. He remembers the time fondly, and cites it as one of the contributing factors to him becoming an artist.

In late 2007 Steven took part in the Unicorn Gallery's Northern Artist's Exhibition, where his work was exhibited alongside L. S. Lowry and Helen Bradley. Widely appreciated by the public Steven's paintings were a complete sell-out.

Some of Stevens Liverpool Art

Castle Street 1935

Lime Street 1938

Lime Street

Church Street 1935

Liverpool Rooftops

Canning Dock 1928

Customs House Station 1938

Liverpool Waterfront


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