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Liverpool Museum

The Liverpool Museum down at the Pier Head hosted Hayley E.Wilson's, Childhood Memories of Post - War Merseyside. Whilst at the Museum for this event I took the opportunity to take some photographs and for those of you who haven't been there yet, you really must go, it's fantastic space and not a bit like the museums of the old days where you couldn't touch anything and had to talk in whispers. This is a vibrant open space where you are actively encouraged to interact with the exhibits. In addition there are Museum staff on hand to give you information.

The Museum overlooks the Mersey

at the Pier Head.

The Education space on the 1st Floor where the event was held.

Entertainment provided at Hayley E.Wilson's, Childhood Memories of Post - War Merseyside. with the Liverpool band 'Shooter' who played a selection of 1950s and a few 60s tunes.

It is well worth having a look at the many exhibits on show in the Museum, the photograph above is of Lutyens model for the original Roman Catholic Cathedral.

This one was made by our own Ged Fagan, his model of Gerard Gardens were he grew up is now on loan to the Museum and on display on the 2nd floor.

These sculptures of 'The Hod Carrier' and 'The Architect' were commissioned by City Architect Sir Lancelot Keay for Gerard Gardens flats, Hunter Street in the 1930s. They stood pride of place above the main entrance archways.

The Lamplighter

Time for Fish and Chips now, this original chip shop range is on display.

A view of the Pier Head taken from the Window of the Museum.

One final shot of the Three Graces, The Port of Liverpool Building, The Cunard Building and the Royal Liver Building, taken as I was leaving the Museum.


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By Robert F Edwards

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