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Early in 2012 whilst I was researching  for my book 'Liverpool in the 1950s' I had the good fortune to come into contact with Paul Seaton, author of  'A Sixpenny Romance' which is the story of Woolworths from its first store in Church Street Liverpool to the expansion of Woolworths.  His interest in history has lead to him collecting a number of books one of which is the 'Cable Series of Liverpool Views' a collection of early photographs of the City  c1900s.  I have published the entire collection here, and hope you enjoy this glimpse back at the early years in Liverpool

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The History of Woolworths lavishly illustrated with photographs of the stores
telling the story of Woolworths from its early beginnings to the first store in the UK in Liverpools Church Street, a facinating book from Paul Seaton..

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By Robert F Edwards
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