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9th King's HQ Liverpool

9th King's HQ Everton Road Liverpool - By Anthony Hogan

Shortly after the commencement of the Volunteer Movement in 1859, many members of the newspaper and printing trades in Liverpool were desirous of forming a regiment composed of men connected with those businesses. A meeting was held in the Liverpool Town Hall, and the scheme was so well received that steps were taken towards the formation of a corps. Sanction was obtained, and on the 21st February, 1861, the officers and men of the new unit took the oath of allegiance at St. George's Hall. Thus came into being the 80th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers, and on the 2nd April, 1863, the 73rd Battalion of the Lancashire Rifle Volunteers was amalgamated with it. In the early days of its existence the new unit attended reviews and inspections at Mount Vernon, Newton-le-Willows and Aintree. Some time afterwards it was renumbered the 19th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers. Later—in 1888—it became the 6th Volunteer Battalion of The King's (Liverpool Regiment).
The early parades of the Regiment took place at Rose Hill Police Station, and the Corn Exchange, Brunswick Street, until Headquarters were established at 16, Soho Street.

Rose Hill Police Station - Spike Island

In 1884 the Headquarters in Soho Street were changed for more commodious and better equipped premises at 59, Everton Road, where the Battalion remained domiciled until 1914. During the South African War the Battalion sent out a company, and the experience the men gained there proved very useful at the annual camps. Several of the men who went to South Africa were privileged to serve in the next war. On the formation of the Territorial Force the Battalion was once again renumbered and henceforth it was known as the 9th Battalion of The King's (Liverpool Regiment) Territorial Force.

The HQ of the 9th King's, 59, Everton Road (photographed in the late 1930s

The Red Triangle Karate club have used this drill hall for training for the last 30 years. They have kept it in as much the original condition as they could. A fire door, lights and heating is all that has changed. As you will see everything else is original, the floor, the ceiling, walls, windows, its all here as it was. The Karate club are facing a fight to stay in the building, if it had not been for them I dread to think what state the drill hall would be in, or even if it would still be there. They are hoping to start a campaign to stay there, if they do please support them. They have been in this area many years, and they have saved the drill hall.

Below are a selection of photographs courtesy of Anthony Hogan showing the building as it is now with some past comparisons.

Inside the Courtyard looking up at the main building

Doorways into the main buildings under the arch opening.
The HQ in the 1930s you can see the 'Drill Hall' on the right supported by ioron columns
The drill hall is to the right. You can just see it standing on top of the metal pillars. The building at the back was also used by the 9th King's.

The roof is the same as are the windows. Middle window has become a door and right door has been made a window. A fire escape runs up to the old Drill hall building. We will have more on the Drill hall later.
Photographs of the interior

the ground floor of the main building.
Here we find the old officers mess.

Fire place in the officers mess 

The staircase leading to the' Drill Hall'
The 'Drill Hall' with the original floor that soldiers paraded on 100 years ago

At the back of the hall is this changing room. It was once a kind of kitchen that served drinks to the men after drill. Thats a hatch you can see for serving.

The hatch was last opened 30 years ago, but they pulled it up for Anthony to take a photograph.
It just flew up, great workmanship went into this, its over 100 years old.

If you ever go along Everton Road give the building a thought, remember its history and what it still holds inside.


All Photography courtesy of Anthony Hogan

World Wars Remembrance Site

Liverpool Red Triangle Shotokan Karate Club

57/61 Everton Road,
Everton, Liverpool, L6 2EH,
United Kingdom

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