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Wolfendens Liverpool

Wolfendens Cranes were an everyday feature on Merseyside for many years, All over Liverpool you would see Walter Wolfendens Cranes on building sites, moving heavy loads or rescuing overtuned loads or vehicles. The business began when Walter bought Stimpsons Garage on West Derby Road in 1953.

The photographs shown here are copyright and are offered for viewing on Liverpool Picturebook with the kind permission of the owner who acquired them from Walter Wolfenden.

If you would like to see the full set  please visit the Flickr site from the link at the end of this article.

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This great shot of Walters Chevrolet wrecker with twin booms, shows it parked outside 
Stimson's garage which Walter bought in 1953 and sold to Esso in 1963.
Free Car Wash with every Gallon ! Outside Stimpsons Garage lookind toward 
Tuebrook with Somerset Place on the left
A Truck outside Newsham Park with the original St Margarets Church
and the Belmont Pub in the background.
Another Shot of Stimpson Garage West Derby Road, Tuebrook
This wonderful shot shows International  truck and trailer having just got back from the 
auctions at Ruddington, the trailer is expertly loaded to maximum capacity with four jeeps 
and the wheels have been taken off for transport .Walter bought between 60-70 of these machines over the years.
Here we see one of Walter Wolfendens cranes being used to place the 
Christmas Tree in Clayton square outside the Jacey Cinema with Cases Street 
in the background. This photograph would be c 1970s

Wolfenden Crane working on Littlewoods Pools 
Walton Hall Avenue,Liverpool
Here we see Walter Wolfenden sitting taking to his men on Ranelagh Street
opposite Lewis's Department store, while waiting to start work at night


Walter Wolfendedn Photographs from around Liverpool


All images are © Graham Newell
and should not be re-produced
without his direct permission.
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