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Turning the Place Over Ready for a Giant Awakening

Richard Wilson’s critically acclaimed public art work,Turning the Place Over at Moorfields,

Liverpool was last activated on Friday 20 April 2012, as part of celebrations in Liverpool featuring the 'Royal De Luxe’s Sea Odyssey production'. The sculpture was ‘re-awakened’ as the Giant Girl passes  through Moorfields and switched Turning  the Place Over back on. The piece  remained  turning over the weekend as the Sea Odyssey unfolded across the city. Sally Tallant, Liverpool Biennial Artistic Director, commented,  “Richard Wilson’s iconic sculpture deserves to be seen again and I am delighted that it can be re-started, albeit for such  a  short period of time. We are also working to find a way to restart it for a longer period, as Britain hosts the Olympics  and Liverpool hosts the UK Biennial of international contemporary art.” The temporary artwork was conceived as a trailblazer for Liverpool’s  year as European Capital of Culture and originally expected to be de-commissioned at the end of 2008. It proved enduringly  popular with visitors and local people alike, often causing passers-by to gasp in amazement or reach for their cameras. It was a star of Youtube even before it was launched and the more han 25 videos of Turning the Place Over on the site have received  hundreds of thousands of viewings.  It  has been possible to extend the life of the iconic attraction  thanks, in particular, to the on-going support of project  mechanical engineers, Bode Positioners Ltd.

Designed by sculptor, artist and musician Richard Wilson, 'Turning The Place Over' was consigned to Liverpool History, but may get a new lease of life. 

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