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Some More City Centre Photographs

A Collection of photographs of Liverpool City Centre 

Top of Bold Street at its junction with Renshaw Street, taken from Leece Street

This character was often to be seen outside tho old Woolworths store
 in Church Street and laterly in Williamson Square

A busy Church Street in December 1968

Coopers Row looking toward Paradise street

Dale Street at Castle Street

Here we have Great Charlette Street in 1961 with H Samuels on the right (now McDonalds) and Brian Epstines
NEMS store on the left

A better shot of NEMS with Alexandre the tailors on the corner of Ranelagh Street

Hanover Street pictured here in 1923

The opulent Hendersons Store on Church Street in 1956

And Hendersons again in 1960 when the store was destroyed by fire

Here we see Hood  Street at its Junction with Whitechaple in 1970

A 1950s photograph of Lime Street

Lime Street in 1959 with the Forum Cinema

A Tram on Lime Street

Here we see the Old Haymarket in 1928
the buildings on the left later made way for the tunnel entrance

A war torn Ranelagh Street in 1941

Robert Kelly Hardware and Tools shop being built on Renshaw Street in 1956
Mr Hugh Doherty who worked for Kellys and went on to open his own business Rapid Hardware Liverpool
bought these premises when Robert Kellys went into liquidation

Roe Street pictured here with the Magic Clock public House on the left

Here we see Roe Street Pictured in 1977 at Christmas time

Another war time photograph this one taken from South Castle Street
looking toward the Town Hall

The former Palais De Luxe cinema on Lime Street

Liverpool last tram pictured on Lime Street heading out
of the city with a police escort on 14th September 1957

The original Blacklers Store

The In A City Living books by Ged Fagan offer a unique insight into 
Liverpools past.  A pictorial record not only of the City Centre but of 
the outskirts of Liverpool, if you don't own these books you are missing
out on owning a truly wonderful historic record of the city in words and pictures.
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