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New Brighton

There is already a New Brighton section on this site  and I have previously done an article with photographs and some history of the former resort. Link at the foot of this page )  However, I was asked in an e-mail if I had any more photographs and so went back for a search through the hard drive, some of these are postcards I bought at the local Market , and I'm not sure if they are originals, some are from Google Images, but non the less they are worth sharing.  Rather than mix them up with the existing New Brighton photographs I thought I would give them a slot on the front page, they certainly bring back memories for me as a lot of my childhood was spent there, I hope you also enjoy them.

New Brighton was originally called white Rock and up to the 19th century the area had a reputation of smuggling, wrecking and secret underground tunnels used by ruthless people like Old Mother Redcap and her gang.

white Rock held a strategic position at the entrance to the Mersey Estuary and so in 1829, work was completed on The Perch Rock Battery, complete with 18 mounted guns, the Battery was a coastal defense and completely cut off at high tide. The Battery now called Fort Perch Rock has been used for many years as a live music venue, it also houses a archelogical and avaiation museum.

New Brighton was created and named by Liverpool merchant, James Atherton in 1830 as a seaside retreat for the gentry. In the latter half of the 19th century it developed into a popular seaside resort for the surrounding industrial towns and has remained a seaside resort for over 200 years.

The New Brighton Tower was opened in 1900, standing 544 tall and manufactured in the style of the world famous Eiffel Tower. The Tower attracted over 500,000 visitors a year in it’s heyday and featured one of the largest ballrooms in the world. Sadly due to the war, the Tower became neglected and was finally dismantled in 1921.

The beach on a hot summers day, I can remember days like this and wonder
how we ever managed to find a suitable spot

A postcard view

Another postcard showing a rough river 

Strike up the band !

The above postcard and the following selection are all c 1960s

The Tower and The Waxworks

The Fire in 1969

The Beach c1948

The boating lake and go cart track in 1946

A crowded New Brighton in 1945

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