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The Pier Head Liverpool

The Pier Head is a World Heritage site in Liverpool that features the three striking buildings known as the 'Three Graces' The Royal Liver Building, The Port of Liverpool Building and the Cunard Building.  The Pier Head has also been the home of the Ferries as well as being the main bus terminus for the city for many years prior to it's current redevelopment.

The Three Graces

Pier Head Then and Now   A 1920s Photograph merged with a 2011 Photograph.

Some Early Photographs

Landing Stage

The Pier head in the 1980s

Fruit and Veg sellers

The Pier Head has now undergone a massive period of redevelopment 
seeing an extension of the Leeds Liverpool Canal 
and also the opening of the new Museum

All in all the Liverpool Waterfront is still a place of great beauty and something for all Liverpool people to be proud of

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