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" Liverpool stories and memories,
photographs help us recall,
streets where we lived,
or played in as kids
people and friends, one or all.
Though some buildings and places are gone now
we have memories, and still we can look,
at the places that meant something to us
here in our Liverpool Picturebook"


 Picture Liverpool from Picturebook

  Liverpool in the 1950s_zpsb6b604d5.png

 photo LocalHistoryArticles-Recovered_zpsab1034a7.png

 photo LiverppoolandMerseysideBlitzed_zps00705fee.png

 photo Everyman_zps065555e6.png

 Liverpool 50

 Picture Liverpool

  Liverppool Videos

 photo LiverppoolBooksandDVDs

 photo MerseysideAmateurFootball_zpsc3de8e04.png

 photo MerseysideAmateurFootballReferees_zpsbcbcc44b.png

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By Robert F Edwards
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